Seriously? So much for ‘family’ viewing…Thanks Disney!


ABC Family Channel’s lineup already includes several anti-family programs, and that list continues to grow. The newest docu-series “Becoming Us” began airing Monday, June 8, at 9:00 pm ET/8:00 pm CT. The previews airing earlier include the tagline “genders may bend, but family never breaks.” This reality show is about a son’s journey as he struggles with his parents’ divorce and his father’s transition to living as a woman. The boy’s girlfriend also happens to have a father who is transgender and transforming into a woman.

The show is attempting to normalize the transgender lifestyle and make it appear OK while targeting the young audience watching a supposedly family channel. Many families have already discovered that ABC Family is anything but family-friendly. But because “family” is part of the network’s name, we thought a warning should still be sent out for anyone who continues to watch the channel.

Here is their trailer:

The first episode included the teens going bra shopping with their Dads, a discussion about gender reassignment surgery, and foul language. The son is realizing that his Dad will be officially gone when the boy parts are changed to girl parts. The son has lost his male role model at the same time that he is becoming a man himself. The father doesn’t want to be called Dad any longer, but the boy’s mom said she earned that title, so they decide he is to be called Parent. The entire situation is confusing for the family going through this, not to mention for young viewers who may be watching.

One Million Moms is waging a campaign to encourage David’s Bridal Store to STOP advertising on this show. Please feel free to call or email David’s Bridal Store and share your opinion about their support for this show: 610-943-5000 or email using this form :

Send To: [email protected]
Subject: I am concerned

As a parent and a member of, I am deeply disappointed in your company’s decision to sponsor ABC Family Channel’s program, “Becoming Us,” that airs on Monday evenings at 9:00 pm ET/8:00 pm CT.

If your company is unaware of the content of this program, I would like to take this opportunity to share it with you so that you will more thoroughly understand my concern.

This show is extremely graphic and includes mature content such as transgenderism, gender reassignment surgery, and foul language.

Not only is this program insulting to conservative viewers and traditional families, but it also focuses on controversial subjects that your company would probably not desire to be associated with.

As a consumer, I am asking you to stop your company’s advertising support of ABC Family’s “Becoming Us” program. My decision to support your company depends on it.

I urge your company to place “Becoming Us” on your “do not advertise” list in protest of the attempt to desensitize America and our children by encouraging inappropriate behavior. It would not be a bad idea to place the entire ABC Family Channel on your “do not advertise” list, since the network is pushing mature content on tween and teen audiences in other programs as well such as “The Fosters” and “Pretty Little Liars.”

I look forward to hearing from you regarding my concern.

Via: One Million Moms


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