Watcha doin’, Iger?

Whenever a CEO sells off their shares, that’s generally not a good sign. Especially if it’s 80% of their shares, that’s a red flag!

I’ve never heard of a sitting CEO sell off that much before.

Which begs the question, what does Iger know?

Is he about to abandon ship?

Noah just mentioned 4 CEO’s that looked to have been involved in insider trading. Does the same accusation ring true for Bob Iger?

EDITOR’S NOTE: when you see the phrase “Insider Trading” you might immediately think of Martha Stewart in prison for making illegal trades.  But that’s not always the case.  When referring to a C-Suite level executive in a company, they are an “Insider” by default and they are allowed to make trades as long as they are disclosed per SEC guidelines. explains more:

Insider trading refers to when a company’s executives, board of directors, and/or major shareholders buy or sell company stock based on non-public company information. Being aware of insider trades can help identify what insiders (i.e., smart money) think will happen in the future.

For example, if a significant number of shares are bought before an earnings announcement or before the results of a drug trial are publicly released, it could suggest that insiders think the company is about to release some good news, and that the share price will rise shortly.

Barchart’s Insider Trading Activity page shows all insider trading recorded for the last 5 calendar days, with the option to filter by a specific transaction date, transaction type, or dollar amount of the transaction.

The bolded part above is why we are taking so much interest right now…we see bright red flashing warning signs.

Now back to Bob Iger.

Did he just dump 80% of his shares?

Some information is a bit murky, but Grok says yes:

Not a good look for someone trying to drum up investor support in their dying company while at the same time emptying your portfolio of nearly all your stocks in your own company.

MSN reports:

Investors can learn much by paying attention to how corporate insiders handle positions in their own companies. People may sell shares for various reasons (including buying a house, paying for college, or getting ready for retirement). Generally, they buy for just one reason: they expect to make more money.

Often, one of the largest and best-informed shareholders in any company is the chief executive officer. Let’s see whether Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS) CEO Robert Iger has been increasing or decreasing his shares over the past year and whether he knows something we don’t.

One year ago, Iger owned around a million shares, worth over $97.2 million. On last look, he owned less than 187,000 shares, a decline of about 844,00 or so shares. The value of the stake plunged around 80.2% to more than $19.2 million.

Inside The Magic adds:

Disney CEO Bob Iger has been loudly proclaiming that the iconic media corporation is currently on the upswing and rebounding from years of box office flops and controversies, which raises a question: why is he selling off (hundreds of thousands) of shares of Disney stock?

The Walt Disney Company is currently in something of a crisis mode, as its board of directors faces an aggressive campaign by billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, who is supported by former Marvel Entertainment chair and longtime Iger rival Ike Perlmutter, and former CFO Jay Rasulo, who are attempting to seize a control bloc of seats. Similarly, Blackwells Capital, another investment group, is doing the same.

In the midst of all of that, shareholders and the public at large are wondering if and when Bob Iger has any plans to leave the Walt Disney Company, the organization at which he has spent most of his professional life and is widely associated with. While Iger can only say it is a “priority” to replace him, the fact that he is rapidly dumping Disney stock, even as he claims to be looking toward the future, might hint that he actually has some plans afoot.

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And here's a nice summary from Axios:

When the market is at record highs, that's a great time to convert paper wealth to cash dollars. Just ask JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon, Meta's Mark Zuckerberg, or Amazon's Jeff Bezos — all of whom have been selling a lot of stock of late.

Why it matters: It makes sense even for billionaires to diversify out of having the overwhelming majority of their wealth in a single stock. Now's a great time to do just that.

By the numbers: Between them, the three moguls have sold $9.3 billion of stock in less than a month, per Jonathan Moreland of Insider Insights.

Dimon sold $150 million of JPMorgan shares on Feb. 22.
Zuckerberg sold $661 million of Meta shares between Jan. 31 and Feb. 21.

Bezos sold $8.5 billion of Amazon shares between Feb. 9 and Feb. 20.

Zoom out: Even these astonishing numbers pale in comparison to the $39.5 billion of Tesla shares that Elon Musk sold between November 2021 and December 2022, mostly to raise the cash he needed to buy Twitter.

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