‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is one of the original rides at all Disney properties. It’s the only ride that started out at a ride and then was made into a movie. Most of the rides were movies first and then made into a ride.

With our politically correct push in just about every faction of American life, people are offended by just about everything. The part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that’s supposed to be funny and lighthearted is the “Bride Auction”. Well, the fun suckers just sucked the fun out of the “Bride Auction” and replaced it with a hefty pirate woman who pillaged all of the rum in town…How is that humorous or fun in any way? The answer is…IT’S NOT!

HERE’S THE BEST AND MOST SARCASTIC COMMENT ONLINE: Bravo! Another boost for the rights of animatronic figures everywhere! Free the robots!
I look forward to the stealing and shooting and other violence being removed next year, and Jack Sparrow joining AA in the next movie.

Variety reports:

Walt Disney Company has been updating its “Pirates of the Caribbean” attractions with a revised “auction scene,” which had depicted pirates selling off a group of women into marriage.

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Instead, the new scene shows female and male buccaneers selling off stolen goods. In the original scene, a woman named Redd was up for sale on a podium with a sign stating, “Take a Wench for a Bride,” but in the revised scene, she’s become a pirate.

The entertainment giant had announced last year that the scene would be changed. Disneyland Paris revised the attraction last year and Florida’s Walt Disney World unveiled its altered attraction on March 19. California’s Disneyland will begin work on revising its “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction on April 23.

“In this scene, the familiar redhead figure has switched sides to become a pirate named Redd, who’s just pillaged the town’s rum supply and has something to say about it,” Kathy Mangum, portfolio creative executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, said in a Disney Parks blog post.

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