Paula Reid of CBS News attempted to make herself the center of attention during President Trump’s press briefing on the Wuhan virus today.

As usual, members of the media sat thee required six feet apart, licking their chops like a pack of hungry hyenas, as President Trump entered the room. President Trump asked Dr. Anthony Fauci to answer one of the first questions by the hostile media.

After Dr. Fauci answered her question, CBS News’ Paula Reid attempted to get Dr. Fauci to admit that he was bullied by President Trump into saying that he took the advice of health experts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Reid asked Dr. Fauci he was giving a “voluntary” statement?  In a very uncharacteristic moment, Dr. Fauci scolded Paula Reid, telling her, “Everything I do is voluntarily,” adding, “Please—Don’t even imply that!” as he gave her a very stern look.

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Earlier in the press briefing, President Trump showed a video of an actual timeline of how he and his coronavirus task force have handled the health crisis. CBS’s Paul Reid didn’t get enough scolding from the podium, the reporter that President Trump refers to as “fake news,” came after President Trump. When it was Reid’s turn to ask a question, she instead, used her time to try to accuse President Trump of leaving out the month of February from his timeline. President Trump responded by trying to explain, but she continued to interrupt. “You know you you’re a fake? Your whole network the way you cover it is fake. And most of you, and not all you, but the people are wise to you. That’s why you have a lower approval rating times three” adding, “Why did the Democrats think that I acted too quickly? You know why? I could’ve kept it open. And I could’ve done what some countries are doing—they’re getting beat up pretty badly. I could’ve kept it open. I thought of keeping it open because nobody’s ever heard of closing down a country, let alone the United Staes of America, but if I would’ve done that we would’ve had hundreds of thousands of people that would right now have been dead. We’ve done this right.” Trump added while the CBS News reporter sat with her mouth hanging open, furious that he was proving his point.

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Last week, CBS News, the network that President Trump rightly calls “fake news,” was forced to apologize after they were caught using footage of an Italian hospital during their coronavirus peak, to prove Governor Cuomo’s point that hospitals in New York City were at capacity.

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