ERIC Laid Open


Kat Stansell

Last month, I wrote on ERIC, the 30-state membership organization created with Soros money in 2012, ostensibly for voter roll maintenance.  I called the article, “ERIC, The Backbone of the Steal”, because its very structure gives rise to  huge potential for voter fraud.  That piece can be found here, or on  The Gateway Pundit published a very detailed 4-part series on the subject in February, 2022.  I would ask you to refer back (no, not “circle back”) to any of these for good basic information.

Since the first piece came out, I have been struggling to write more on the subject, but have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information on evidence of election fraud that has come out on a nearly daily basis.  As of today, I’ve written five drafts, and tossed them all.  Each time I thought I was ready to publish, a new blast of information came out in various news forums – even some of which had previously declared the 2020 election “clean”.  The amount of proof – FACT – now being revealed is literally overwhelming.  I stopped the rewrites when my word count topped 2500, and decided to give you more information, more often, in more palatable servings.

Let’s face facts.  Election fraud has been going on for decades and we have known about it.  It has been written about, by the people doing the cheating.  It is even bragged about.  However, VOTER FRAUD HURTS EVERY VOTER, not just one party or another.  For every illegal vote cast by someone with no right to choose, one citizen’s choices get trashed, negated by the fraudulent one.  Securing the ballot is our #1 priority as a nation, right now.  This will be our last chance to save the Republic.  Get informed and get active, each in your own towns and counties.

Prior to 2020, the proof presented itself in bits and pieces over the years and was basically ignored.  A town or county had more votes than residents?  Crickets.  Even the statistic published by Real Clear Politics in April, 2020, that “between 2012 and 2018, 28.3 million ballots remain unaccounted for” didn’t raise a stir.  Although this fact alone does not prove fraud, the very volume should have raised eyebrows – and phones to call your representatives – but it led nowhere.

We brushed it all off until the night of Nov. 3-4, 2020, when what we were seeing in real time finally made election FRAUD into FACT.  Suddenly, in the aftermath of seeing vote counts move backward and fractional votes become part of the count, people began to wake up.  Experts came out of the woodwork to dissect the happenings that night, and held court for weeks.  Most of the focus at the time was on the Dominion machines and their world-wide connectivity.  I now believe that the ERIC system was part of the Coup; hardly anyone, myself included, had heard of ERIC then.  Now, teams of investigators have had time to dig deep, and they have unearthed irrefutable proof of irregularities, our-of-state millions of dollars of dark-side money (Zuckerberg, et. al.), a lot of it in ERIC states.  More is surfacing,  nearly every day.  Those issues that were, of course, denied by the Left and their lapdog media, are being proven.  I believe that those forces involved in the Steal are now moving from denial to desperation as their actions are being laid bare.

All of this has created blow-back from the ERIC member states – which immediately begs the question of “If not involved with the fraud monster, why bother to complain?”  Their responses have ranged from “make this nightmare go away” to “Soros didn’t do it” (and that disproves fraud how?).  One Secretary of State whose primary opponent has raised the question of ERIC, has even published an “Eric Fact Sheet”, which, as I read it, seems to contain more assumption than proof.  Other states just ignore their citizens’ questions about being ERIC members, or are simply rude and dismissive when forced to talk.  ERIC member states seem to have a common (predetermined?) refrain that those of us who have researched and written about ERIC, myself included, are “misinformed.”

Each denial, however, has lacked any proof that might  support their attacks on us, whereas our writings are documented carefully.  The ERIC member responses, at least the ones I have seen or heard of,  have contained a lot of emotion in place of fact, which I find interesting.  Usually, this kind of vehement group posturing is caused by people trying to pick their way through a mine field without stepping on something that will blow up in their faces.  This just makes me want to look harder.  If member states have nothing to hide, I would far rather see published and verifiable numbers on how many ineligible voters have been removed from each state’s rolls every year that they have been ERIC members,, and I dug for them.  Only one state out of 30, that I could find,  had any such numbers on their website.  If their officials do not understand what is really going on with ERIC, and how their data is actually being used, as J. Christian Adams of the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) says is quite possible, then the state election officials MUST clarify or withdraw.

One of the most interesting (telling?) responses to the increasingly bright lights being shined on ERIC, was that the state of Louisiana SUSPENDED their membership in Jan., 2022.  This was done in response to a lawsuit filed by PILF against the Louisiana Secretary of State, Kyle Ardoin,   The cause of the action was “his (Ardoin’s) failure to permit inspection of voter list maintenance records, including data the State receives from the Electronic Registration Information Center, ERIC”.  This lawsuit cites the provisions of the National Voter Registration Act, ( NVRA) of 1993, in which provision of these records to the public is required.  (

A carefully crafted news release from Ardoin says his action “comes amid concerns raised by citizens, government watchdog organizations and media reports about potential questionable funding sources and that possible partisan actors may have access to ERIC network data for political purposes, potentially undermining voter confidence.  Nowhere was made mention of fraud or the potential thereof.  “While Louisiana joined ERIC under my predecessor,” said Ardoin in the release dated Jan. 27, 2022, “we did so  under the impression that it would enhance the accuracy of our voter rolls and strengthen Louisiana’s election integrity.  After reading about these allegations and speaking with election attorneys and experts, I have determined that it may no longer be in Louisiana’s best interests to participate in this organization.. .. My job is to ensure that the data (which) voters entrust to my office is protected.  I look forward to ERIC’s swift response to these allegations.”  To my knowledge, as of the date of this publication, none has been received.  No one from Louisiana would comment when I reached out to Ardoin’s office, local newspapers and citizens groups.

Personally, I look forward to states, honestly concerned with the integrity of their voting processes, taking the same hard look at ERIC as Louisiana appears to be doing.  It is extremely sad that it took a lawsuit to open their eyes, especially 15 months after the incredible and obvious fraud of 2020.  There are still 30 other member states who need to look carefully at the potential for fraud inherent in ERIC’s constructs.  Many member states may just be using ERIC for voter roll data compilation, which most are required to do by the NVRA.  This is a function that could and should be done in-house, in many cases, and might well save taxpayers some money.

The 30 member states as of this writing are: ALABAMA, ALASKA, ARIZONA, COLORADO, CONNECTICUT, DELAWARE, FLORIDA, GEORGIA, ILLINOIS, IOWA, KENTUCKY, MAINE, MARYLAND, MICHIGAN, MINNESOTA, MISSOURI, NEVADA, NEW MEXICO, OHIO, OREGON, PENNSYLVANIA, RHODE ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA, TEXAS, UTAH, VERMONT, VIRGINIA, WASHINGTON, THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, WEST VIRGINIA AND WISCONSIN.  If you are a resident of one of these states, it is your responsibility to question – and demand answers from – your state officials about how many and when ineligible voters have been culled form the rolls, and demand the voter rolls.  The provision of these lists should be very inexpensive, as they are only allowed, by law to charge for “printing” expense.  If you are lucky enough to get some of the rolls for your area, then start culling on your own.  I hear that what you find is frequently incredible.  All of this will be covered in another piece, but just wanted to point you in the right direction, should you be able to get involved now.

*     *    *

Here are the constructs within the ERIC organization which have led me and others to realize the incredible potential for fraud.  In addressing these, I have quoted heavily from their own website,  I would add a post script, up front, for a change.  At least part of the ERIC website has had a rewrite, as recently as Feb. 8, 2022 – right as the Gateway Pundit series on ERIC and voter fraud in general was making headlines. One item in their FAQ list, #15, now addresses the subject of culling the rolls.  “Yes”, it states emphatically, “states subject to the NVRA are required to cull (not by ERIC, but by NVRA, as I read it.)  This was obviously added after a report in the media published Jan. 23, 2022, as #15 quotes a title that piece.

So, what is actually mandated from ERIC members?  From their website:

1)”Within 60 days of certification date (joining), and at least every sixty days thereafter, the Member shall transmit, 1) all inactive and active voter files (excluding “confidential”) and, 2) all licensing or identification records contained the motor vehicles database.   I would point out here that these lists not only include “all inactive” files, as highlighted above, but also necessarily would include green card holders – who are NOT U.S. citizens –  who have drivers licenses, and identification card holders who may NOT be citizens and/or of eligible voting age.  ERIC’s computers then merge these records with USPS and Social Security databases and produce four lists for each state:  those who have moved in-state; those who have moved from one ERIC state to another; those deceased; and those who have duplicate registrations in the SAME state.  The crucial thing to see here is that THEY ARE ALL IDENTIFIED AS VOTERS!  Under-aged, and non-citizens have all been stirred into the same cauldron, and cooked up by AI to become “voters”, on the lists returned to t hem by ERIC.  The rules go on, A state “must request at lest one of these reports at a minimum of once a year.”  “REQUEST”, not “act upon” they say.   Hmmm, I say.

2)  “At least every two years, member states are required to send voter registration information to potentially eligible residents who are not registered to vote. ”  They are required to reach out to all on those lists above.  Hmmm again.  “Prior to conducting the mailings, states review the data to remove any known ineligible individuals…”.  They DO?  Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but it is not stated as a mandatory requirement.  As my dear grandma used to say, “saying so, don’t make it so.”

Nothing except the hastily added #15, refers to required culling of the rolls.  The only mandates in the entire construct seem to center around registering, not maintenance.  The results of this very effective, if not honest,  system  shows.  As was noted in the Gateway Pundit’s “Who’s Cleaning Our Voter Rolls”, in late Jan. 2022, ERIC states managed to produce 17,000,000 new voters – which would be a celebration for our republic, were those new voters all certifiable as living, breathing citizens!  There is one more very good reason, however,  to suspect that ERIC massages the rolls instead of managing them, and that is the presence of David Becker.   Read on to become acquainted with Mr. Becker, if you don’t already know of him. describes David Becker as a “left-leaning election law advocate”who worked not only at the PEW Center, but also the DOJ.  Mr. Becker “worked at the Pew Charitable Trust where he organized the creation of the Electronic Registration Information Center, ERIC, in 2012”. “In 2005, when Becker was still a trial lawyer in the Civil Rights Division(of the DOJ),  a formal complaint was made against Becker after the contacted the city of Boston offering to help them defeat a lawsuit opened against them by his employer the DOJ, for voting infractions..  Brad Scholzman, acting head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights division at the time, stated, “it was the most unethical thing I’ve ever seen” and called Becker a ‘hard-core leftist’ who ‘couldn’t stand conservatives'”.   . .. Hans von Spakowsky, who worked as counsel to the Asst. AC for Civil Rights, agreed. . .’in his role with the DOJ, he (Becker) was supposed to be non-partisan, but his emails (that were) uncovered in the Boston investigation reveled nasty disparaging remarks about Republicans. Very unethical and unprofessional.”  Becker never denied these claims, saying only that no charges were brought at the time.   Personally again, I would find this a statement of the corruption elsewhere, not of Becker’s innocence. But, hey…I’ve been knows to say some disparaging things about some “Republicans” today, myself.  I would say that Becker was then, and is now, guilty as charged, of unethical behavior directed toward conservatives.   Becker not only was instrumental in creating ERIC, but also still sits on the Board  where he can, and probably does, wield heavy influence.

Everything I learn corroborates the findings of others – the Hofts, J. Christian Adams, Judicial Watch and others, who have reached into the belly of the beast and found moral rot.  In my next pieces we’ll begin to dissect the monster state by state, organ by organ, until we open the entire organism to the light.  The member states that we will look at first are the same ones we have been reading about, these last weeks:  Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, Georgia,Florida, Texas, and Nevada.  Hope you’re not squeemish.  There’s a lot of entrails to sort through, and a LOT to unpack.  I look forward to getting back to you with more, soon.

PS>>>don’t forget the upcoming online film, “Rigged 2020” by Citizens United.  Should be interesting, and may well include information on our ERIC states’ activities.  I will report back for those of y u who don’t get the chance to see it.








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