In October, the National School Boards Association labeled parents ‘domestic terrorists’ in a letter to President Biden’s administration.  The letter stated that federal law enforcement authorities should ’employ the full array of tools at their disposal, including the Patriot Act, against these perpetrators of “domestic terrorism.”  Shortly after, failed Supreme Court nominee and Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memo to the FBI laying out “a series of measures designed to address the rise in criminal conduct directed toward school personnel.”  Now, we are beginning to see why the government is so invested in keeping concerned parents from being involved in their children’s education.

This week, it was discovered that children as young as eight years old were forced to participate in holocaust re-enactments at Watkins Elementary School in Washington D.C.  Fox 5 Washington D.C Reports

“Officials with D.C. Public Schools are investigating after third graders reported they had to reenact the Holocaust during a library lesson.

In a letter sent to parents at Watkins Elementary School in Southeast, the principal says according reports he received, the re-enactment included “students being asked to portray participants from the Holocaust like Adolf Hitler, digging ditches to serve as mass graves, and simulated shootings. It was also alleged that the staff member leading the lesson also made anti-Semitic statements.”

After the shocking details about the elementary school librarian’s Holocaust re-enactment were revealed to the public, some disturbing details were revealed about the Watkins Elementary School librarian who works with young children every day.

The Washington Free Beacon reports –  The Washington, D.C., public school librarian who made third-graders reenact graphic scenes from the Holocaust is a Democrat who claims she ran for office in New Jersey, where she was convicted of defrauding the state through a tutoring scam and charged with several counts of animal abuse.

Kimberlynn Jurkowski was placed on leave this week after parents complained to Watkins Elementary School that she made students role-play the Holocaust, assigning students to be Jews and pretend to die in gas chambers and dig mass graves, according to the Washington Post. One student was assigned to be Adolf Hitler, who carried out the Holocaust, Jurkowski told the students, “because the Jews ruined Christmas.” A Washington Free Beacon investigation found that Jurkowski was hired by the D.C. public school after a scandalous tenure as a librarian in New Jersey, where she ran in 2010 for a local school board as a Democrat, according to an image posted to her Twitter account.

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There is no record of Jurkowski serving on the school board for Hamilton Township in Atlantic County, where she says she ran for office. There is a record, however, of New Jersey catching Jurkowski bilking taxpayers out of approximately $24,000 through a program designed to help the children of the state’s educators. The Hamilton Township district paid for Jurkowski’s two children to receive tutoring—but she continued to bill the district for reimbursements once the tutoring stopped. She was convicted of fraud and forced to forfeit her librarian job, according to court records.

Jurkowski’s legal problems continued in 2019 when she faced four animal cruelty charges for leaving her dogs out in the cold. According to coverage at the time from Pet Rescue Report, Jurkowski left five dogs behind to survive frigid temperatures in a dilapidated environment. Body camera footage from police officers called to the site shows “the entire property was completely run down,” with “dogs in pens with sheets of plywood leaning against a fence to act as shelter.”

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One of the dogs, an older Rottweiler named Poseidon, could barely walk and was found dead and frozen solid to the ground in one of the pens.


Since working in D.C. Public Schools, Jurkowski has struck an ultra-partisan combative tone online. Her Twitter account is filled with retweets of calls to abolish the police and defend Palestinian terrorism. One Al Jazeera post she shared claims that a Palestinian terrorist named Ahmad Erekat was killed by Israeli police but fails to mention that he was shot after ramming his car into Israelis.

During the Virginia gubernatorial debates this year, Democrat Terry McAuliffe said,“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”  Apparently, this is what liberal educators want to implement without parental input.

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