Canada is full of radical imams! Following the information on the imam linked to the Manchester terrorist, we’ve included several articles on imams that live right across the border to America. It doesn’t help that Trudeau has allowed mass migration of Muslims since elected. Truly disturbing!

There are reports that the Salman Abedi – the Islamist terrorist who slaughtered 22 people in Manchester – has links to an extremist imam from Ottawa, Canada.

A senior American official told the New York Times that Abedi was linked to a radical preacher named Abdul Baset Ghwela. Abdul Ghwela is a name used by a man known to Canadian authorities as Abdu Albasset Egwilla.

Egwilla’s son, Owais Egwilla, grew up in Ottawa. He was later killed while fighting in Benghazi, Libya. Owais was reportedly part of an Islamist militia affiliated with Ansar al-Sharia. Disturbingly, an Ottawa mosque held a funeral service for Egwilla.

When Owais died, Abdu Egwilla said the following:

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“Allah break the backs of the tyrants and the oppressors and the unjust and those nations of the world that are with them. Allah they have gathered against us and are scheming against us, so scheme against them. Trick them, kill them. … We are waiting for martyrdom in the name of Allah. And by Allah this is our path until we push back evil. We will not stop nor resign.”

Egwilla retains his Canadian citizenship, which is now irrevocable thanks to Justin Trudeau.

Shaykh Said Rageah was born in Somalia and in the late 80’s moved to North America. Below is part of his speech:

Why would they speak on behalf of Muslims. But, we say no, we keep quiet and see and watch what happens, and then the result was that they said… we will never allow you to rule yourselves, your internal affairs based on the Shariah…

“My brothers in faith, anything that happens in your Muslim community, in the City of Toronto, anything that can be done, five hundred thousand Muslims that is a great number, large number, you can do a lot, work together. Let’s be an Ummah [nation]…
“Take your children to Islamic schools.
“Take your vehicle to Muslim owned business.
“If you buy a vehicle make sure there is a Muslim business or car dealer that sells cars.
“If you want to do anything just ask if that individual is a Muslim or not. If he is not, then look for a Muslim, because I’m sure you’ll find a Muslim. I’m sure you’ll find a Muslim in that field…
“O Allah, Raise the standing of Islam and the Muslims, and humiliate the infidels and the polytheists.”

Iqbal al-Nadvi was the keynote speaker at ICNA Canada annual convention “Carry the Light – “Canadian Muslim – Opportunities and Challenges”“It [following the teachings of Islam by the believers] will help to make, for example, Islam as a solution for humanity.

During a Friday sermon delivered in Edmonton, Alberta, Imam Shaban Sherif Mady said that “peace accords, Sykes-Picot, and all these sort of things are useless garbage.” “How can you make peace while the other side uses weapons?” he asked. Imam Mady further said that Jerusalem would “only be regained through blood.”


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