We’ve written before about the refugee resettlement program’s inability to let local people decide on who and how many refugees come to their town. After all, YOU are paying for this! Not only do you pay to bring the refugees here, you also pay for their “goodies” once they get here. Nope, this is all controlled by the UNHCR (United Nations High Committee for Refugees) own Antonio Guterres. He’s doing the dirty work for Obama’s fundamental transformation and will conveniently be stepping down at the end of this year. You might want to sit down for this shocking description of what’s REALLY going on with refugee resettlement:

“The craziest part? U.S. taxpayers fund his shop. In effect, they’re paying to have their towns potentially seeded with foreign terrorists and colonized by Islamists.”

A hard-core socialist is resettling Syrian refugees, including potential terrorists, in American cities and towns. No, it’s not President Obama, though it’s someone who shares his “transformative” agenda.

The man “empowered” to further Balkanize U.S. society and weaken homeland security through the shifting of tens of thousands of Muslim immigrants here from Syria is United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres.
Who is this bureaucrat gambling with your family’s safety? He happens to be the former president of Socialist International, a worldwide confederacy of more than 160 socialist parties from 100 countries that pushes open borders to create “one world government.”
The Marxist network also seeks to redistribute third-world poverty to Western nations through mass immigration. Guterres headed SI from 1999 to 2005.
Now, he’s spearheading the U.N.’s formal resettlement of 160,000 of the 4 million Syrian refugees and counting on the U.S. to take the lion’s share. “The role of the United States is absolutely crucial,” Guterres asserts. Obama agrees, arguing that America should lead the “humanitarian” effort.
A running Syrian refugee spreadsheet that Guterres’ office updated Nov. 13 — Paris’ Black Friday — states: “UNHCR has so far submitted 22,427 Syrian refugees to the United States of America for resettlement consideration.” That figure is more than double the 10,000 that Obama has cited publicly.
Guterres is counting on America playing a larger role than even that. The same document suggests that the Obama administration has pledged “open-ended resettlement” of Syrian refugees.
At an Oct. 29 speech to Georgetown University Law School, Guterres laughed off fears that the Islamic State might smuggle terrorists among Syrian refugees. “I saw people asking: ‘Be careful, don’t bring us Muslims because they can be terrorists,'” the Portuguese native said in broken English. “I don’t think terrorists would be so stupid to be so effectively scrutinized to come to the United States.”
“I think the same in relation to Europe,” Guterres added, arguing that no Syrian-based terrorist would be “so stupid to cross into Greece (from Turkey), risk to die in the (sea) crossing, then spend one or two weeks painfully going country by country” through Europe.
Thousands of Syrians have migrated to Europe, yet “I don’t think we have seen the (terrorist) impact,” he grinned, as the audience chuckled.
Two weeks after his talk, the joke was on him: At least one of the ISIS terrorists who attacked Paris infiltrated France through Greece as a Syrian refugee.
It shows just how much this arrogant global socialist knows. Terrorists are in fact using refugees as cover to get into Europe. And they’ve used his U.N. resettlement program to sneak into the U.S. as well.
In 2009, two Iraqi refugees whom Guterres referred for settlement in Kentucky turned out to be al-Qaida terrorists with blood of American soldiers on their hands. A year later, FBI agents busted Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi trying to procure stinger missiles for al-Qaida.
The flawed background screening led to a temporary suspension of the refugee program. How soon Guterres forgets.
The craziest part? U.S. taxpayers fund his shop. In effect, they’re paying to have their towns potentially seeded with foreign terrorists and colonized by Islamists.
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