International legal experts have issued a disturbing report that is backed by the United Nations which seeks to decriminalize all sexual activity, including between adults and minors.

In March, the International Commission of Jurists wrote a report titled “The 8 March Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty.”

Included in the report is the recommendation that a minor should be able to consent to sexual activity even if it’s with an adult.

The report states, “[S]exual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law.”

“In this context, the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them,” the report continues. “Pursuant to their evolving capacities and progressive autonomy, persons under 18 years of age should participate in decisions affecting them, with due regard to their age, maturity and best interests, and with specific attention to non-discrimination guarantees.”

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This disturbing report recently began gaining traction on social media after political commentator Ian Miles Cheong tweeted a link to the report and wrote, “According to the United Nations, children may consent to sex with adults. This has been the plan all along.”

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The ICJ’s Law and Policy Director, Ian Seiderman, commented on the report, saying, “Criminal law is among the harshest of tools at the disposal of the State to exert control over individuals… as such, it ought to be a measure of last resort however, globally, there has been a growing trend towards overcriminalization.”

“We must acknowledge that these laws not only violate human rights, but the fundamental principles of criminal law themselves,” Seiderman added.

In the foreword of the report, retired Judge Edwin Cameron of the Constitutional Court of South Africa reasoned that by decriminalizing sexual activity, certain groups of people will no longer be ostracized. For some reason, people who want to have sex with minors fall under the category of people the UN is trying to protect.

“From long years in the law, and as a proudly gay man, I know profoundly how criminal law signals which groups are deemed worthy of protection – and which of condemnation and ostracism,” wrote Cameron. “In this way, the criminal law performs an expressive function – and it has dramatic consequences on people’s lives. It sometimes entails a harshly discriminatory impact on groups identified with the disapproved or stigmatized conduct.”

Minors cannot consent to sex with an adult because they are not developmentally able to make fully-informed decisions about certain things. Additionally, they do not fully understand sexual advances nor can they grasp the potentially negative consequences of having sex.

For the UN to try and “normalize” having sex with minors is outrageous, sickening, and pure evil.

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