Tik Tok, a relatively new app that young kids are spending a lot of time with is putting out some quality videos that parents should be made aware of.

Yesterday, a heartbreaking video of a young girl celebrating her second abortion went viral on social media. It was seen by over 4 million on Tik Tok.


This morning, another Tik Tok video is making the rounds on social media. This Tik Tok video celebrates the normalization of pedophilia. (Now, might be a good time for parents to delete Tik Tok from their kids’ phones if you haven’t already.)

In yet another sign of the degradation of our society, a young girl wearing a party dress can be seen sitting by herself on what appears to be a makeshift stage in a bar while a drag queen crawls towards her as part of a seductive dance that is directed at the little girl. Next to the girl, a woman, who appears to be her mother, is dancing along to the music and clapping for the show as the little girl appears to be confused. The mostly male patrons sitting behind her can be seen clapping for the freak show.

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The person who originally posted the video claims, “This sweet little girl asked her mom to get a better view.” The copy at the top of the video says, “Wait till the end.” Spoiler alert—the drag queen reaches over and softly caresses the young girl’s face as the audience cheers.


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Apparently, bringing young children to watch drag queens dance in bars is all the rage on the left.

In March 2019, we reported about how a drag queen, wearing thigh-high boots, literally spreads his legs in front of a two-year-old boy, while singing to him from the top of his table.

There’s plenty of blame to go around here, starting with whose idea it was to bring a toddler to a drag queen show? The person who should be held accountable appears to be the child’s father, who can be seen smiling and taking photos, as the 2-year-old sits on his knee, watching the drag queen dance for him.

Watch the incredible video here.

Drag Queen Story Hour for small children is all the rage in America. It’s an excellent way for the left to sexualize our children in public spaces and to confuse them about their own sexual identity by blurring the lines between genders at an early age. It’s become so popular, that drag queen’s across the pond, in Britain, are using the opportunity to teach kids how to perform sex dances.

In the video below, Mama G can be seen teaching children how to twerk at a library in Britain, while parents can be heard laughing in the background.

“All you need to do is you just need to stand with your feet sort of shoulder-width apart like so…and then you crouch down in this sort of position, so you’re bump’s sticking out,” Mama G said before glancing backward to ask an off-camera individual if they were “taking this all in.” And “then you just move your bum up and down like that. And that’s twerking.”

Parents can be heard laughing when “Michael” is finished teaching the kids the sexual dance.


The Reality Report was the first to share this disgusting video. “CrystalClearDestiny” responded to the video with a video of the Barney character hugging a child. She added, “I guess Barney or Dora the Explorer” weren’t available.

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