Sydney Hernandez has been one of the very few reporters at the border who is giving Americans the truth.

Her latest video exposes just how bad it really is at our border.

The video below shows hundreds of illegals waiting to be picked up by a bus to be processed and potentially released into America. Border Patrol agents can be seen leading the groups to buses.

Wednesday between 12:00 AM and 5:00 A.M. Border Patrol agents apprehended almost 300 undocumented immigrants in Los Ebanos, TX in 6 separate groups within those 5 hours,” Hernandez posted to Twitter just after 5 a.m. “Here’s a video of hundreds of them crossing. Daily apprehension rate in (Rio Grande Valley) is 1,100 per @CBPRGV

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The rate of entry by illegals is off the charts. The total expected by the end of the year is over 1 million illegal entries.

Smugglers are making millions of dollars off immigrants crossing illegally into the U.S., according to Chief Raul Ortiz. In this report, we find smugglers, children, men and families. Now, you can hear from them and get an inside look at the border.

While Congress sits on their hands, we are literally being overrun by illegals.

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