A horrific video showing a armored vehicle deliberately run over and crushing a civilian vehicle in Obolon, a neighborhood in Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv, has gone viral.

The video of the incident and the aftermath were uploaded onto social media. Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones with cameras, many incidents showing the violence in Ukraine as Russian troops invaded have been recorded and posted to social media.

Channel 4 News tweeted the video:  An armored vehicle swerves and crushes a civilian’s car on a highway in Kyiv. Ukrainians battle to free the driver who was miraculously still alive.

Several videos shared in this article show different angles of the same incident.

The tank, traveling in the opposite direction of the car, abruptly veered off its original path to ram right into the vehicle before reversing and backing back over it.

The senior advisor to human rights activist and Belarus politician Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Franak Viačorka, posted another angle of the video in his tweet:  
In Ukraine, a Russian tank had driven over the civilian car. Terrifying footage. My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine.

Alexander Khrebet posted another vantage point in his tweet: 
An armed # Russia’s vehicle ran over a civilian car just on the streets of Obolon district in Kyiv. #Ukraine

A separate video began circulating on social media, showing bystanders’ brave attempts to rescue the civilian trapped inside the vehicle. The top half of the car is completely crushed, yet amazingly the man was conscious.   It is unclear whether the man inside was seriously injured.

Alexander Khrebet posted another tweet showing the rescue:

In another short clip posted on social media, several men can be seen banging on the crushed car with a hammer and crowbar as they attempt to pull the elderly gentleman from the crushed vehicle.

Aleph א #IStandWithUkraine tweeted another video of Ukarnaian citizens rescuing the man:

The man whose car was rammed and crushed by alleged Russian strela has been rescued,
Kyiv oblast

Here is a compilation of videos posted online by Sky News verifying the videos.


The UN’s Human Rights Twitter page has continually warned of the conflict getting worse for civilians in Ukraine and insisted civilian casualties should be avoided at all costs.

“The protection of the civilian population must be a priority. The use of explosive weapons in populated areas should – at all costs – be avoided.” – UN Human Rights Chief



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