An Asian student reporter on assignment for ESPN and his cameraman were assaulted by an unruly group of intolerant racism peddlers, while attempting to capture photos and video footage of a protesters’ tent encampment at the Univ of Missouri.

University of Missouri professor, Melissa Click can be seen at the end of the video, as she encourages students to bully and threaten a reporter: “Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here.” It’s interesting how this is the same woman who worked so hard to get coverage of this staged event at Univ of Missouri, yet threatens the press when she feels they may not be on the same team. So the message she sends her students is pretty clear…either agree with us or leave! No opposing views will be either respected or tolerated. This is a classic example of how little tolerance the Left really has for anyone with an opposing view. By the way,Melissa Click  is a professor of…wait for it…Journalism at Univ. of Missouri.

Here’s an actual post on FB that was captured and tweeted around where Professor Click was begging for media coverage of her staged racism event:

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Wouldn’t these protesters be considered “racists” by the media if this reporter was black? Listen carefully as he attempts to explain to the woefully ignorant student protesters that he was protected by the same 1st Amendment that protects their right to protest alleged “racism” at the Univ. of Missouri. Here’s how the exchange went down:

Tai: Mam, the First Amendment protects your right to be here and mine.

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Student: Okay, we protect our space as human beings.

Tai:There’s not a law for that.

Student: Forget the law. How about humanity or respect?

Tai:How about documenting this for prosperity?

Student: Please sir, I’m sorry, theses are people too. Now BACK OFF!

Students begin to shove Asian reporter.

Tai: Don’t push me.

Very large black man: You need to back up…I know that. You need to back up!

Tai: We’re not doing anything wrong. We’re on public spaces.

After explaining to the students (again) that he was protected by the 1st Amendment to report on the story, protesters began to grab at his camera.

Black male protester (visibly frustrated with Asian reporter): Did you just touch her? (Nice accusation bro, but both of his hands are visibly on his camera!)

And does anything warm your heart more than a bunch of supposedly educated students dragging out a pathetic Alinsky’ish union chant designed to drown out any opposition to their radical cause: “Hey hey…ho, ho….reporters have got to go.” 

WATCH Insane liberal logic at work here, as Concerned Student 1950 activists, a group that was formed to create chaos and bring attention to alleged racial issues on campus fights to keep Tai away from activist tent on campus quad:

The blonde woman who is the most vocal antagonist and the person who seems most interested in denying this reporter his 1st Amendment rights has been identified as Janna Basler, Campus Greek Life Leader and Communications Professor. Oh, the irony. WOW…just wow!

janna basler


Here is the Linkedin profile for the bully professor, Melissa Click who asks for “muscle” to remove the reporter:

melissa click

And finally, a great tweet from the courageous reporter who bravely stood his ground in the face of threats and intolerance by a leftist mob. He brilliantly cites the law that allowed him to cover the event on campus:

I sure hope there’s a discrimination law suit in the works! Tim Tai would never win in most courts today, but you know what they say:”Sunshine is the best form of disinfectant.” And Lord knows, this group could use a little sunshine…

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