Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman called it ‘divine intervention that this child was found’…

A search is on for the mother of a newborn baby found alive in the woods crying. The baby was in a plastic bag and still had her umbilical cord attached.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office had received a call from someone who said they were hearing a baby crying in the woods at around 10 pm on June 6th.

When the police officers arrived at Daves Creek Road in Cumming, Georgia, they found the baby who had been left in the woods inside a plastic bag.

Body cam video shows the man who called police crouching next to the newborn and then the baby being pulled out of the plastic bag.

 Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman called it ‘a divine intervention that this child was found,’ considering the area where the baby was found is sparsely populated and the family that called 911 had only just returned home from a vacation when they heard the baby’s cries.

According to the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services, Baby India is ‘thriving’ in their care.

‘Thank God they went out and investigated that, and immediately called 911.” – Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman

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