America’s most divisive and most victimized first lady is coming to a stadium near you, where she’ll be peddling a message of, what else?—racism and division. In an effort to sell her new book that features an almost unrecognizable image of a softer, kinder Michelle Obama, she’ll be appearing in massive venues across America, where organizers are betting she’ll attract large crowds of supporters.

Michelle Obama won’t just be peddling her book, however, she’ll also be pushing her special brand of racism, sexism, and hate for anyone who doesn’t agree with her politics of division. She’ll likely work the crowd into a Trump-hating frenzy, hoping to inspire them to make the trip to the polls in the November 2018, mid-term elections to keep the Democrat Plantation Party alive. But will her former supporters, many of whom were previously unemployed, and dependent on the government for their livelihood, who now are employed, and back on their feet, in arguably one of the best economies of our lifetime, buy into her anti-Trump rhetoric? Why would Black Americans fall for Michelle or her husband’s empty rhetoric, when it took President Trump, to create the lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks in America’s history?  

American Thinker – Former first lady Michelle Obama is coming to the stadiums.  Lots of stadiums, the kind of stadiums leftist NFL football players could take a knee in.  Supposedly, it’s to sell her new book, the product of her glitzy multi-million-dollar post-White House book deal, dreamily titled Becoming: An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama.  Get a load of that glamorous photo with the one-shoulder look, carefully styled to show a white T-shirt sexily and insouciantly sliding off one of Michelle’s shoulders.  Intimate, you know?  And pure Hollywood.

The cover of the former first lady’s new book can be seen on the right. The real Michelle Obama can be seen on the left.

According to the Associated Press:

NEW YORK (AP) – Michelle Obama will visit 10 cities to promote her memoir “Becoming,” a tour featuring arenas and other performing centers to accommodate crowds far too big for any bookstore.

The former first lady will begin at the United Center in her native Chicago on Nov. 13, the book’s release date.  She will finish at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Dec. 17, Live Nation and the Crown Publishing Group announced Wednesday.  In between, appearances will include Barclays Center in New York City, the Pepsi Center Arena in Denver and The Forum in Los Angeles.

So don’t look to see her sitting at a desk at some bookshop, signing autographs and pretending to be pleasant to book-buyers, something that mere mortals, such as Hillary Clinton on her 2014 Hard Choices tour once did.

Nope, Michelle’s royalty, and she’s gonna do it like Beyoncé.

But like Hillary, Michelle’s actually on a mission to campaign for the midterms.  She, after all, is one of the Democrats’ most seasoned and effective weapons, at least among Democrats.

This is why you see her making racially charged tweets such as this, noted by the Washington Times columnist Cheryl Chumley:

The former first lady tossed down both race and gender cards as a means of imploring her fellow lefties to get out and vote.

In a specially cut message for Black Entertainment Television – which BET further said in a tweet was for “women of color” – Mrs. Obama said, as Breitbart noted: “We’ve all seen the difference we can make when we choose to cast our ballots, and we’ve seen the consequences when we don’t bother to show up to the polls. … Women of color know how to get things done for our families, our communities, and our country.  When we use our voices, people listen.  When we lead, people follow.” 

Just this week, the former first lady’s husband, Barack Obama went on a racist rant during a campaign appearance in Ohio.


It really wasn’t that long ago, that America watched the real Michelle Obama in action. Does she really think Americans have forgotten about how she and her race-obsessed husband divided our nation?

In 2016, Michelle Obama addressed the DNC convention where she didn’t speak about the mostly white American vote that got her husband elected in 2008 as a way to unite the mostly white crowd who came to hear her speak, she instead, spoke about the pain of living in the White House, “a house built by slaves”. She ended her speech by telling the leftist crowd that we don’t need to make our country great again, “because this, right now, is the greatest country on earth” exclaimed the first lady.

Only one year before Michelle told the crowd of Democrats at the DNC convention that America was the “greatest country on this earth”, she appeared to be telling a completely different story to the 2015 graduating class at the historically black Tuskegee College about the racism she’s been forced to endure as the first black First Lady.

Fox News host Stuart Varney and Black President Trump advisor Katrina Pierson, slammed Michelle Obama for the racist and divisive comments she made about the Republican Party during an appearance on in October 2018 at a Pennsylvania Conference for Women.


At a USOW forum, former first lady Michelle Obama bemoans Americans waiting for the “next person to save them”, reminding the crowd that her even her (divisive) husband becoming president “didn’t end racism”.


And now, for the softer, kinder Michelle Obama who’s telling black women that they are different than white women and because of that, they have “power” and “Women of color know how to get things done”. Michelle tells black women that they need to get out and vote (for Democrats).


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