Michelle Obama appeared on CBS This Morning yesterday with Gayle King about the Derek Chauvin verdict.  The multi-millionaire told King, Black Lives Matter is “taking to the streets because they have to.”

“Many of us still live in fear as we go to the grocery store—walking our dogs,” the former first lady, Michelle Obama told CBS This Morning host yesterday. The divisive first lady, who can’t seem to stop playing victim, explained, “Every time they get in a car by themselves, I worry about what assumption is being made by somebody who doesn’t know everything about them—maybe they’re playing their music too loud—maybe somebody sees the back of their head and makes an assumption.”

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“All those Black Lives Matters kids, they’d rather not have to worry about this. They’re takin’ to the streets because they have to,” Michelle said.  “They’re tryin’ to have people understand that we’re real folks. And the fear that many have of so many of us is irrational,” exclaimed the multi-millionaire, race-baiter whose family is protected by a mostly white team of US Secret Service agents 24/7.

Michelle Obama and her daughters, Malia (L) and Sasha (R), are seen in a photo from another luxury vacation. The former first lady shared the photo on her Instagram account.

Newsmax host Greg Kelly ripped into Michelle Obama for her ignorant, divisive interview:

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If Michelle truly were an advocate for Black America and not just a divisive tool, she would have praised President Trump’s historic First Step Act that allowed mostly black males to be released from prison for non-violent crimes and were given a second chance at life. Supporting violent BLM radicals doesn’t help Black America; it only divides us—but the Obama’s spent 8 years dividing America after being elected to the most powerful position in the world, so why would they stop now?

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