The DNC CEO Seema Nanda was just asked how the Dems will pay for their biggest platform initiative for 2020…The answer is “I don’t know”

She was asked about how Democrats would pay for their multi-trillion dollar proposal for a single-payer health care system at a Yahoo Finance summit about “America’s Financial Future,” Democratic National Committee (DNC) CEO Seema Nanda says she doesn’t know.

The next question is also a doozy. DNC CEO Seema Nanda was asked if socialists are welcome in the Democrat Party…She dances around the answer by saying different types of people are welcome in the party. So that’s a yes?

Isn’t this how Venezuela go to where they are today? No one thought of how they would pay for the pie in the sky freebies…

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She must have gone to the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez School of Economics. When candidate Cortez was asked how to pay for Medicare for all, this is what she said:


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was asked questions by Jorge Ramos of Univision that ended up revealing that she isn’t prepared to hold ANY public office. She was asked how we would pay for Medicare for all…The answer is shocking. It’s an answer a teenager would give when asking for something outrageous…

“You just pay for it.”

This is the danger in focusing on everything BUT policy and whether your candidate knows what the heck they’re talking about. It’s like expecting Georgia Dem candidate for governor Stacey Abrams to balance the state budget when she’s personally $200K in debt.

Americans give up a big chunk of their earnings every year in taxes. Shouldn’t we care who’s handling it and where it goes?

Think of how the Democrats handled Obamacare. Remember the Obamacare rollout when they failed miserably after spending 70 million dollars using one of Michelle’s cronies from college? Yes, that’s how the Democrats do things.

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