In DNC Chair Tom Perez’s alternate reality, giving free healthcare to illegal aliens is “not a handout”. This is what he told Chris Wallace this morning (video below) in a bizarre statement about morality and economics. It’s the upsidedown world that Democrats are living in right now.

This also is the mantra of the Democrats running for president, In fact, it’s a part of their platform!

Is the DNC pandering to “non-citizens” over legal Americans? It sure looks like it. This is a big loser for Democrats but they keep drifting more and more to the left.

The New York Post made their Friday cover into “Who wants to lose the election” on the day after the debate:

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Perez doubled down this morning with his claim that free healthcare for illegals isn’t a “handout”:

“We were in a different era. I believe what we are doing right now, I live in a community right now where if you are a pregnant woman and you are undocumented, we provide you with access to health care because we believe that having good prenatal care is an essential health care issue an essential issue of economics and frankly an essential issue of morality and the party of Lincoln is dead and one of the things that died with it is compassion and this is not a handout.” 




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