DNC Chair Tom Perez is a fear mongering racist who likes to stir up fake concerns for Democrat voters. He’s clearly afraid of the voter integrity policy of Trump who wants to clean up voter lists. What’s wrong with that?

Tom Perez has a long history of fear mongering and racism…

Judge Jeanine ripped into the Dem Chair tom Perez for his blistering speech (see video below) on how Donald Trump doesn’t stand for “our values” and that we must “resist”. She asks the questions Perez should answer!
JudgeJeanine: “‘Don’t stand for our values’? Pray tell, Perez, what are our values & what it is that you want us to resist? Law & order?”

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Newly elected Democrat Chair Tom Perez went a little bonkers with a rant on how he wants the Dems to think Trump didn’t win the election. The Democrats are trying to discredit Trump at every turn but they’re losing. The American people want good policy and NOT political turmoil. That’s exactly why Trump won! People are sick to death of this type of outright lying to sway people to your side.

Perez has a long radical history connected to La Raza and other open borders organizations. His track record  is full on radical. e’s in cahoots with Obama to continue the “fundamental transformation” of America. Anyone who’s a Democrat should be shocked that he’s taking the party in such a far left direction. Do your research and you’ll know why he was the choice for Dem Chair.

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He just fired all Democrat Party staffers and is bringing in all new people. The party is clearly taking a new direction and it’s not a good one for any American.


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