Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez is going around fear mongering about his fellow Americans in rural America. The things that come out of this radical leftie’s mouth are just amazing. He’s just offended rural Americans by saying it’s not safe to “door knock” there so they’ve gone to “digital organizing” in states like Georgia and Montana.

That, “get-out-the-vote” strategy Perez is talking about probably just lost thousands and thousands of rural voters!

Perez appeared on MSNBC’s “All In” to discuss his parity’s strategy in the upcoming midterms.

Chris Hayes asked if the party was doing anything differently since the 2016 election was lost in rural areas. Basically, Perez said they were scared to go into rural America to knock on doors. Unbelievable!

Perez also said the DNC was spending $0 on television ads! Wow!

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“To get back to your question which is a really important one, we are investing and organizing. We are investing and making sure we build that organizing infrastructure, the technology infrastructure because you can’t door knock in rural America,” Perez said. “That is why we invested in digital organizing in Indiana, Georgia, Montana and elsewhere.”

This guy is a terrible representative ANY party! He has a huge potty mouth (see below) that was on display right after the election when he said, “Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people”.  He was called out on the cursing and he didn’t care that his fellow Democrats didn’t like his style. He also claimed that, “Donald Trump didn’t win”.

DNC Chair Tom Perez was also on CBS  this morning making the ridiculous claim that we are a Democracy…Could someone tell Perez we ARE NOT a Democracy? He said, “The world is upside down and our democracy is indeed on the ballot.”

No, the world IS NOT upside down! The DNC is upside down though.


DNC Chair Tom Perez was on MSNBC (video below) to answer to critics who didn’t like his nasty speech last week.

He appeared at an event held by New Jersey Working Families Alliance, a re-branded ACORN agency and gave a hateful and divisive speech. He claimed that,”Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people”. Why the Democrats picked this far left radical is puzzling unless the Democrats plan on going full commie…Perez is connected to the radical open borders group La Raza. Something tells us that Obama made this pick for the Democrats.
Check out a defiant Perez doubling down on is nastiness:


Newly elected Democrat Chair Tom Perez went a little bonkers with a rant on how he wants the Dems to think Trump didn’t win the election. The Democrats are trying to discredit Trump at every turn but they’re losing. The American people want good policy and NOT political turmoil. That’s exactly why Trump won! People are sick to death of this type of outright lying to sway people to your side.

Perez has a long radical history connected to La Raza and other open borders organizations. His track record  is full on radical. e’s in cahoots with Obama to continue the “fundamental transformation” of America. Anyone who’s a Democrat should be shocked that he’s taking the party in such a far left direction. Do your research and you’ll know why he was the choice for Dem Chair.

He just fired all Democrat Party staffers and is bringing in all new people. The party is clearly taking a new direction and it’s not a good one for any American.


WATCH ENTIRE VIDEO: “Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people”




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