Oh my gosh! If you read nothing else this weekend, you really need to read about the insane amount of visa overstays we have!

Last year, in testimony before a house committee it was brought to light that not since 1994 had the government actually checked to see the number of visa overstays in the US…

Rep. Mark Meadows pointed out that the last time Congress got accurate numbers on visa overstays was in 1994.

“If we’re looking at visa overstays, and sitting here debating a visa waiver program, and yet, the very instance of visa overstays and the potential terrorist threat that accompanies that, you’re tracking that, yet the last information Congress got was 1994,” he said during the hearing. “Do you not see a problem with that?”

In an effort to quell fears, the feds made an effort to produce a report on approximately how many visa overstays we currently have in America…

Under pressure from Congress to improve tracking of foreign visitors, the Department of Homeland Security has produced its first partial estimate of those who overstay their permits to be in the U.S. Out of 45 million U.S. arrivals by air and sea whose tourist or business visas expired in fiscal 2015, the agency estimates that about 416,500 people were still in the country this year.

The Times reports that Congress has repeatedly demanded a system to track visa overstays — especially after 9/11 since two of the attackers were in the country on expired visas. But those demands have not been met, highlighting a glaring hole in national security.


The issue has gained renewed attention after one of the terrorists in the San Bernandino attacks was in the United States under a K-1 fiance visa.



We have more visa overstays than illegals crossing the border! Let that sink in for a minute…America, we’re in BIG trouble between the illegals, visa overstays and so-called “refugees”, we’re experiencing a silent invasion. Unreal!

Among an increasing number of immigration cases in Miami federal court, the ones that stand out are foreign travelers accused of making false statements in their visa applications in an effort to hide previous visits when they overstayed their visas.

At least five new cases of visa overstays appeared in court dockets in the last few weeks, coinciding with the publication of a new report that says foreign nationals who remain longer than their visas authorize now outnumber undocumented immigrants who cross the border illegally.

The report from the Center for Migration Studies (CMS) in New York says that since 2007 a majority of undocumented immigrants in the United States are the result of visa overstays, not illegal border crossers.

Read more: Miami Herald

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