More scandalous content continues to be released from Hunter Biden’s laptop that has embarrassed the Biden family, the mainstream media, and the Department of Justice.

Hunter is under investigation due to illicit activity related to his businesses and alleged lobbying using his access to his father, President Joe Biden.

Reports released last week indicate that the investigation may be reaching a “critical juncture” as prosecutors are weighing criminal charges against Hunter Biden.

On Wednesday, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.) laid in to a Senior official at the Department of Justice for refusing to answer straightforward questions about Hunter Biden’s alleged criminality.

Gaetz asked if Hunter Biden is a security threat, and the DOJ official refused to answer.

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Then, Gaetz accused the DOJ of carrying water for Biden, asking if they call him the “big guy” as well.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

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Gaetz: “Is Hunter Biden a national security threat?”

Olson: “That’s not a question that would come up before me.”

Gaetz: “You’re the head of the national security division, so it seems sort of on the nose.”

Olson: “It’s not in my practice or experience to identify individuals and label any individuals or American citizen a national security threat.”

Gaetz: “Well you would certainly concede that if the adult offspring of the President of the United States or the Vice President were compromised- that would be a notional security threat. Right?”

Olson: “We speak through our filings in court… um… and we speak through our actions in open court.”

Olson also refused to comment on whether or not the DOJ still had possession of the laptop.

Fed up with the senior spook’s lack of cooperation, Gaetz asks what only seems obvious at this point: “Do you guys [also] call Joe Biden ‘The Big Guy’ at the Department of Justice?”

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