On November 9, Canada’s CBC News announced the death of Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial, a “prominent” 52-yr-old cardiologist, head of  the New Brunswick Heart Centre, who died in his sleep.

Dr. Luchtmedial was a huge fan of the COVID jab and regularly promoted it on his social media accounts.

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A trip through Dr. Lutchmedial’s social media accounts reveals that the doctor was not fond of America’s Second Amendment or those opposed to COVID vaccine mandates.

In an August 15 tweet, Dr. Lutchmedial tweeted a tongue-in-cheek comment mocking Americans who cherish our gun rights. “We need to start calling them ‘Antibody Guns'” as a way to get [hayseed] Americans to “start lining up for vaccines,” he tweeted.

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He also retweeted a statement that “strongly recommending” vaccines is not enough…that people need to be forced to take the vaccine.

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In a recent tweet, Dr. Luchtmedial claimed he wanted “to punch those people in the face,” which convinced someone his medical staff is treating not to get the COVID jab.

And finally, a tweet by Dr. Lutchmedial that was first shared by the Gateway Pundit reveals the medical professional saying he “won’t cry” at the hypothetical “funeral” of those who chose not to get the COVID jab.

On October 24, only two weeks before his death, the 52-yr-old cardiologist shared a post on his Facebook page to announce he had received his COVID booster shot, saying he gives it “two thumbs up.”

A friend on his post made a comment about how sick she got when she received her booster shot, to which he replied, “to know my immune system is ramping up.”

Only two weeks later, and sadly, he is gone.

There has been no confirmation about the cause of Dr. Luchtmedial’s death. We are only reporting on the date he claims he received the COVID booster and the date (2 weeks later) his death was announced.


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