Just days after the Los Angeles Dodgers, a professional baseball team, promised to remove the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from their Pride Night, the team relented and allowed them to participate.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence has been condemned by leading Catholic organizations and nuns as being a bigoted anti-Catholic organization as they often combine drag and religious imagery to mock Catholic people.

In one particularly egregious example, the organization parodies the Stations of the Cross, an event depicting Jesus’ crucifixion, by visiting thirteen gay bars throughout a designated city.

The Dodgers removed the organization from their lineup in Pride Night after a series of Catholic organizations said that the group mocked and belittled Catholics.

In what may be even more ironic and insulting, the Mayor of Anaheim invited the organization to instead participate in the Los Angeles Angels pride night in a rebuke to the Dodgers for rescinding their invitation.

After pressure from LGBT activists and liberal politicians, the team relented and re-invited them while also offering them an apology.

Multiple prominent Catholics, including Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl.) and prominent Catholic priest R.M Vierling protested the decision by the Dodgers to host the organization to Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred.

The Dodgers decided to host them anyways after having a roundtable with them and other LGBT organizations, announcing their decision on Twitter.

The Los Angeles Times Reports

Less than a week after removing the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from their lineup, the Dodgers on Monday re-invited the organization to Pride Night amid backlash from LGBTQ+ and civil rights groups as well as local politicians and even Dodgers employees.

“The Dodgers would like to offer our sincerest apologies to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, members of the LGBTQ+ community and their friends and families,” the Dodgers said in a statement. “We have asked the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to take their place on the field at our 10th annual LGBTQ+ Pride Night.”

The Los Angeles Sisters say they’ve accepted the apology from Dodgers leadership over the decision Wednesday to dump them from Pride Night under pressure from conservative Catholic groups.

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