Braden Giacobazzi, Engineer and Volunteer Data Analyst, Canvasser, and Public Relations Lead for Election Integrity Force in Michigan.

100 Percent Fed Up recently met with Braden Giacobazzi of Michigan’s Election Integrity Force (EIF) to discuss damning new information taken directly from the official election files in the state of Michigan. This is all thanks to 1000’s of hours of unpaid nonpartisan work by hundreds of volunteers in the organization, run by Executive Director Sandy Kiesel and Voter Verification Director Joanne

EIF’s investigation wasn’t easy. Michigan’s political machine made obtaining all this information difficult. Thankfully, EIF jumped through all the hurdles to legally obtain it and analyze it with 100% provable chain of custody for every file! As one of EIF’s data analysts and its media relations leader, Braden shares a large portion of their findings with us in his brief summary below:

This data is taken from 5 of EIF’s 7 reports which can be found at Election Integrity Force.  The presentation provides major never-before-seen pieces of the corrupted election puzzle, which are beginning to help spark legal investigations across the state. The presentation also exposes a fundamental mechanism by which systemic, ongoing fraud is likely being committed. He also suggests where the tampering might be coming from the top.

Unfortunately, dozens of states have implemented similar systems to Michigan’s in recent years. Worse yet, EIF’s analyses prove that if you were to try to access much of this data today, it would no longer exist. That is because it appears to be manipulated routinely without leaving any apparent trail or revision history.


It is a good thing EIF had the foresight to capture so much of it already. So, who is EIF?

Election Integrity Force (EIF) is a somewhat decentralized team of hundreds of volunteer data analysts, engineers, and everyday citizens from around the state. “We have put together an amazing team. Every American should take a good look at EIF’s methods and results and replicate them around the country in time for the primaries and the general election this year. I couldn’t be more proud of the work this team has done,” says Sandy Kiesel.

We caught up with Braden Giacobazzi, a data analyst and public relations leader for EIF, while he was traveling to events around the state to educate Michiganders on these reports. “People really need to see this presentation and show it to their own election integrity organizations, candidates, and public officials. I think it really encapsulates most of what our incredible volunteer team has done for nearly 2 years now. And it does it in a brief, easily accessible, and engaging way. The truth is evident without reading through our detailed reports. But anyone can check our work in them afterward.” Mr. Giacobazzi is an engineer on the leadership team of the organization, along with Tim Vetter and Brendan Muir.

“The most important thing you can do is take this presentation and our data and work with your local officials, such as clerks and sheriffs. They are most likely to care about their own local communities’ concerns. That is what we are beginning to do with the data and analyses we have created.”

While Giacobazzi’s presentation highlights only ‘Phantom’ voters in Oakland County, according to EIF’s investigations, there are potentially hundreds of thousands of illegitimate ‘Phantom’ voters in the Michigan Qualified Voter File based on state-wide data. What’s more illuminating is that there is massive evidence suggesting systemic tampering within Michigan’s own official voting history files.

In Fact, not even Michigan’s own Gretchen Whitmer is safe from these.

Did Gretchen Whitmer’s votes count? We do not know. It turns out she paradoxically DID and DID NOT vote in the previous four elections—according to her own OFFICIAL Michigan voter files.

But that’s not all. Incredibly, 24% of all of Michigan’s legislature allegedly had its vote histories manipulated as well:

In addition, according to EIF’s reports, over 130 precincts across over 50 counties in Michigan have similarly lost or missing voting histories for the 2020 election that amount to 10s of thousands of votes. Two such precincts are highlighted in the short clip below:

What’s more, Michigan Secretary of State Candidate Kristina Karamo had 54 such scrubbed or delayed votes in her official history. And, she isn’t alone. Nearly 4 million such manipulations exist within Michigan’s official voting files:

But, perhaps the final nail in the coffin is the fact that Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s Secretary of State, refuses to explain why the official 2020 vote tally on her website has never matched up with her own official qualified voting file. When Pat Colbeck FOIA’d the data that would be necessary to corroborate Benson’s official website tally, Benson took his deposit money and has stonewalled him for months since the election. That should worry everyone since at one point, it was at least 104,000 votes higher than her own official voting file:

According to the video above, tens of thousands of votes are being injected into the system months after the election has concluded.

What’s more, according and EIF’s 5th report, tens of thousands of votes are also being removed from the system. In total, they say, 131,997 of votes have been  removed from the voter history file, while 97,084 votes have been added months after the election as of May 2022.

How is it that these numbers and files keep changing?  When data disappear, how do they reappear?  Where does the replacement data come from? Why won’t the SOS verify her own vote tally, and why does she stonewall FOIA requests?  Why is Michigan still adding votes to the vote tally for Nov. 3, 2020, as of May 2022?  Don’t Michigan laws require the QVF to be made current no more than 7 days after the election?

Are there multiple sets of voting databases??

Regardless of all these deep questions, Jocelyn Benson claims that the 2020 election was the “most secure election in [Michigan’s] history.”

EIF disagrees.

“What makes anyone think this is secure?” According to Braden, this is a nonpartisan issue. “Is it Democrat? Is it Republican?” He pauses. “Or is it a simulation?

This is why EIF is working hard to repair Michigan’s election system. And they are seeking volunteers and donations. Michigan is at the epicenter of the nation’s election integrity fight. This is why EIF is currently reaching out to sheriffs and local law enforcement around the state. They also plan to train election poll challengers in all 83 Michigan counties, equipping them with the best knowledge available to ensure they are prepared.


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