The White House announced on Wednesday that Joe Biden will be tested for COVID-19 every two weeks, despite receiving the vaccine for coronavirus.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki spoke to reporters on Wednesday, confirming that President Biden will be regularly tested for the novel coronavirus, even after receiving both required doses of the Pfizer vaccine in January. The vaccine provides approximately 95% protection from the disease, effective within a few weeks of the second dosage.

“There is 95% protection from the vaccine, but it’s not 100 percent protection,” Psaki explained, “so the president’s doctor believes it is reasonable and prudent to randomly test the president every two weeks as surveillance.” Psaki further confirmed that Biden tested negative on February 4.

Biden was last tested for the virus Thursday and was negative, Psaki said.

He received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine on camera, with his second dose being administered last month.


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The Hill reported, “Several senior White House officials have since been given vaccine doses, but the Biden administration has taken additional steps to try to avoid transmission of the virus. Staffers wear masks around the building, and some officials are working remotely at the outset of the administration.”

While President Trump was tested daily during the earlier stages of 2020’s global pandemic, the frequency was reduced in the months following.

As COVID-19 vaccines roll out across the country, such ongoing restrictions have already characterized Biden’s response. Psaki surprised reporters on Tuesday when she explained that the president’s plan for children to return to school was only for a single day each week.

The Miami Herald has reported that the White House is also considering renewed restrictions on domestic travel.

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