We’re living in dangerous times.

As long as we allow liberals to define what we can and cannot say, how we can or cannot act, and now, how our pets are allowed to behave, we, as a society, will never truly be free.

A dog has been blamed for a racial hate crime for fouling outside the front door of somebody’s home. The poo-and-run is among 2,500 reported cases of hate crimes logged by the Met Police because ‘the victim perceived this to be a racial incident’.

The 2,507 alleged hate incidents were revealed after a Freedom of Information request by The Mail on Sunday. In the dog fouling incident, the log read: ‘An unknown dog has fouled outside of victim address and victim perceived this to be a racial incident.’

In another case, it was suggested a barking dog was a hate crime. Police wrote: ‘Suspect’s dog barking at victim.’ David Davies, Tory MP and former special constable, said the recording of such ‘non-crimes’ was a waste of police time. ‘This is part of the reason that police struggle to investigate serious offenses such as home burglaries,’ he told the paper. ‘People need to start thinking more carefully before they call the police.’

Other complaints included a person who felt a bus driver had given them a ‘racist look’ and an angry dad who called police when his daughter lost a tennis match because he believed the umpire to be racist. ‘Informant feels his daughter was subjected to racial discrimination at a tennis match where line calls went against her,’ the police log read. – Metro UK

If you think a dog being accused of racist hate crime is crazy, try being a male in the UK who dares to flirt with a woman you’re not already in a relationship with.

Two months ago, Julia Hartley-Brewer of the Daily Mail reported about how lawmakers in the UK are attempting to make misogyny a hate crime. Not kidding. Flirting with an unknown woman might land you in jail, if they get their way.

Two police forces, Nottinghamshire and North Yorkshire, already include misogyny in their list of hate crimes, defining it as ‘incidents against women that are motivated by an attitude of a man towards a woman, and includes behavior targeted towards a woman by men simply because they are a woman’.

That’s a terrifyingly wide definition and one that would instantly turn 99 percent of men in Britain into criminals. Ever made a clumsy pass at a woman because she’s, well… a woman? You’re guilty of a hate crime. Ever offered your seat to a woman on the train because she’s a woman? Guilty as charged.

Don’t be silly, the campaigners insist, no one is trying to criminalize men being nice to women. But if a crime depends on how an act is ‘perceived’ then who gets to decide when chivalry or flirtation crosses the line into misogyny?

This is a slippery slope. Campaigners for this change in the law won’t stop there. They are, after all, the same people who want to make it a criminal offense to wolf-whistle or cat-call at women in the street because the Fawcett Society claims: ‘We are living in a society in which violence against women and girls is endemic [and] normalized.’

Are we? Really? This doesn’t ring true to me or any of the women I know. Are our streets really packed full of violent women-haters? Do millions of men seek out lone women to harass? Do most women run the gauntlet of sexual comments and groping every time they venture onto the streets?

And are we seriously suggesting that women should call 999 if a man wolf-whistles at her because he doesn’t wolf-whistle at men, ergo he must be a misogynist? Never mind all the stabbings and shootings, folks, a man whistled at a woman; cue the sirens and blue lights!


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