Instead of being a morning talk-show that appeals to a broad range of women in America, the rabidly leftist and emotional hosts on “The View” have turned Barbara Walter’s creation into a laughing stock. 

There is no question that Whoopi Goldberg is a talented actress and has the ability to make people laugh, but the gift of comedy that Whoopi used to make herself so popular with her fans has mostly disappeared, and has been replaced with a hostility that is anything but funny. The most painfully ignorant co-host on the show however, is “comedian” Joy Behar. It’s been hilarious watching her now admit that she actually misses George W. Bush. Behar has made some embarrassing attempts lately to bond with guests from former members of George W. Bush’s cabinet who’ve appeared as guests on “The View”. Bear is so completely enveloped with hate for President Trump, that she’s actually convinced herself that the whole world hates Trump as much as she does. She’s gone so far off the deep end, that she truly believes she can convince conservatives like Bush’s former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, who appeared on “The View” last month [Watch HERE] to join her in her never-ending obsession to bash and discredit President Trump. Things didn’t work out how Behar planned however, when Condoleezza Rice who gave Behar and her co-hosts an education on how things actually work in government…and not how they wished they worked.

This time around, it was George. W. Bush’s former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld who appeared on “The View” and gave dingbat Joy Behar an education on how presidents are elected in the United States.


Whoopi Goldberg asked Rumsfeld if Trump’s presidency was “unique” to which he replied that, “It’s different.” Rumsfeld went on to explain how President Trump won in the primaries against some very qualified candidates, and went on to win against a “seasoned, well-known Democrat” Hillary Clinton. Behar pressed on, suggesting that Trump really is not a legitimate president because “he lost by 3 million votes.” Rumsfeld then proceeded to educate the loudmouth, emotional Joy Behar about how presidents are elected. Rumsfeld continued to educate the rest of the dingbats on “The View” who insisted on “engaging in hypotheticals” when it comes to the leftist tin-foil hat theory, that Trump worked with the Russians to affect the outcome of our elections.

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