In the final GOP nominating contest before Super Tuesday, Donald Trump easily defeated Nikki Haley to capture the Republican North Dakota caucuses.

Trump cruised to a 84.4% to 14.1% win.

The victory gives Trump all 29 of North Dakota’s GOP delegates.

Trump leads the GOP primary with 276 delegates compared to Haley’s 43 delegates.

1,215 are needed to win.


The White House hopefuls now turn their attention to Super Tuesday, when results will pour in from states across the country in contests that amount to the single biggest delegate haul of any day in the presidential primary. Trump and President Joe Biden are dominating their races and are on track to winning their nominations later this month.

Under North Dakota’s rules, candidates are eligible to win delegates if they finish with at least 20percent of the vote. However, a candidate who wins at least 60 percent of the vote receives all of the state’s 29 delegates.

Four candidates were on the ballot, including Trump and Haley. The other candidates, who have received little attention, were Florida businessperson David Stuckenberg and Texas businessperson and pastor Ryan Binkley, who recently ended his campaign.

Trump swept North Dakota’s three Electoral College votes in 2016 and 2020, winning about 63 percent and 65 percent of those votes, respectively. The last Democrat to win North Dakota in November was Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.

At the current pace, Trump can nearly clinch the GOP nomination Tuesday night.

Per NBC News:

On Tuesday, 865 delegates — or 36% of all the delegates in the race — will be at stake in over a dozen states.

The candidate who clinches the majority of the party’s delegates — 1,215 of 2,429 total delegates — before the Republican National Convention this summer will be the nominee.

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