Mark Fisher, who co-founded BLM Rhode Island and founded Maryland-based BLM Incorporated, spoke to The Epoch Times about the political persecution of J6 prisoners and the black community’s increased support of Donald Trump.

Fisher said Donald Trump is the “best candidate we have” and said the treatment suffered by J6 prisoners is similar to how black people have been treated over the years.

He has “stood in solidarity with leaders of the Proud Boys and led vigils of prayer for the people he believes to be political prisoners,” The Epoch Times reports.

Fisher said the “two-tiered justice system” is a place to find common ground.

“One of the things I highlight when I speak to them is that they have a whole new understanding now of what black people have been going through with the over-policing, the police brutality, and the unfair treatment in the two-tiered justice system and how oppressive and overreaching it is,” Fisher told the outlet.

Mark Fisher, a founder of a chapter of Black Lives Matter, is putting his support behind Donald Trump and the Jan 6 prisoners.

“This is what the government does to those who express independent thought and who stand up for what they believe,” Fisher said of the prisoners. He has held candle light vigils for them in an attempt to raise awareness.

He says BLM peaceful protest have become a victim just like Donald Trump. He said Anti(f)a and anarchist show up and cause chaos to make everyone look bad.

Is this the turning point that finally wakes more people up?

Fisher said the mainstream media’s distortion of the truth is another area to find common ground.

In the interview, he compared the 2020 summer riots to the January 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol protests.

He blamed the media for keeping everyone divided.

The Epoch Times reports:

Just as legacy media has distorted what happened at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, by accusing Trump supporters of a violent insurrection, Mr. Fisher said BLM has been blamed for the 2020 summer riots, though there were outside parties like the far-left extremist group Antifa that were a source of chaos.

“Antifa had a lot to do with the riots of 2020, and there were a lot of anarchist groups who just wanted to take advantage of the moment and were out for destruction,” he said.


Black Lives Matter had been around years before George Floyd died while in police custody in Minneapolis in 2020, Mr. Fisher said. Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder in the case.

“That’s when it became a political movement and the national and global center of attention,” Mr. Fisher said. “The media made us its darling, which it loves to do, and it was able to make us its scapegoat when things started to go south.”

Mr. Fisher, a Christian who has a degree in theology with a background in being a pastor, expressed contempt for both the government and the media.

“I don’t trust the federal or state government as far as I can throw them, and the media is trying to stop us from uniting,” he said. “It’s the same media that caused the division between all of these marginalized groups in the first place to keep us at each other’s throats.”

Fisher also called the Democrat Party a “racist party.”

“It’s a racist party with racist policies that negatively impact black families,” Fisher told The Epoch Times.

“Black people are stuck on that plantation, mentally. They’re slaves in their own minds because they refuse to see the big picture and how we’ve been used and abused by the Democratic Party with policies that are absolutely antithetical to what black people yearn for in this country, which is life, liberty, freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and a family to raise,” he added.

In addition, Fisher criticized the Republican Party and said it’s a corrupt institution.

“This is why Donald Trump is so popular,” Fisher told the outlet.

“He’s anti-institution. He can’t be bought. He can’t be sold. He’s going to give it to you straight and keep it real and those who relate to that love that about him. If you look at both parties and the potential candidates—including the current president and vice president—I think he’s the best candidate we have. It’s a no-brainer,” he continued.

Fisher commented on the increased support for Donald Trump in the black community.

The Epoch Times explained:

Mr. Fisher doesn’t stand alone in the black community in wanting to see President Trump return to office in 2024.

“More and more black people every day are supporting him,” he said. “Look at the rappers. The latest one who just went turncoat on the Democrats was Waka Flocka Flame, who announced on Twitter that he’s voting for Trump.”

On Oct. 16, the rapper posted a photo of himself and President Trump, and another post stated simply, “TRUMP2024.”

“Look at how a black neighborhood in Fulton County cheered Trump on the way to the county jail,” Mr. Fisher added.

They know that the government is harassing him because they’ve seen it in their own lives, he said, and they recognize the persecution.

Mr. Fisher said he isn’t afraid of taking flak from others in the black community because of his support of President Trump.

100 Percent Fed Up noted Waka Flocka Flame is the latest rapper to endorse Donald Trump.


Famous Rapper Endorses Donald Trump For President

Check out the full interview with Mark Fisher at The Epoch Times

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