Last night, in a room filled with Trump supporters and the anti-Trump media, President Trump announced his intent to run for President in 2024.

This morning, in response to her Uncle Donald’s announcement, Mary Trump, who is loved by the Left over her hatred for her father’s brother, tweeted:

Of course, Mary Trump, the liberal hack niece of Donald Trump, was taking a swipe at both her uncle and his beautiful wife, Melania, with her snarky remark that had she not joined forces with the Left to destroy them, would not have been seen by more than a handful of people.

For the woman whose only claim to fame is hating her uncle and suing him non-stop in court in hopes of winning a cash award from the billionaire businessman, the only way for her to remain relevant with her Trump-hating followers is to strike out at the man who deeply loves his family and his country.

Mary Trump

In what can only be described as perfect timing, a New York judge dropped Mary Trump’s case against her Uncle Donald yesterday morning, explaining that her claims are blocked by an earlier settlement that she received in a settlement that was reached decades ago.

Epoch Times reports – Mary Trump, who frequently posts criticism of former President Trump and other family members on Twitter, alleged in her lawsuit that she was defrauded millions of dollars in a 2001 settlement. She sued the 45th president; his sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, a retired judge; and the executor of Robert Trump’s estate.

Mary Trump’s case had its roots in the 1981 death of her father, Fred Trump Jr., Donald Trump’s older brother, who left Mary, then 16, a profitable real estate portfolio. Now a 57-year-old psychologist, Mary Trump claimed that her uncles Donald and Robert Trump and aunt Maryanne Trump Barry were supposed to protect her interests but instead did not provide her with tens of millions of dollars.

In her suit (pdf), Mary Trump’s lawyers claimed that the Trump family “conspired with each other and those loyal to them to abuse their dominant position for their own benefit, breach the trust that had been placed in them, and defraud Mary out of what was rightfully hers.”

But the New York judge said the settlement, which gave Mary Trump more than $2.7 million, was neither unfair, nor “a case where defendants’ alleged threats precluded the exercise of plaintiff’s free will.”

He also said the settlement “clearly and unambiguously” released the defendants from Mary Trump’s claims.

Of course, Mary Trump’s lawyer claims she will appeal her case. She might be forced to live a normal life without her Uncle Donald living rent-free in her head if she wasn’t suing him.

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