Earlier today, the disgraced former host of MSNBC, Keith Olbermann, tweeted a picture of conservative Tomi Lahren, and admonished her for using the U.S. flag as “apparel”. Donald Trump used a screen shot of his tweet and placed it next to a photo of Olbermann wrapped up in an American flag with the flag resting on the ground around him. Trump Jr.’s tweet said: “Life is hard; it’s even harder when you’re stupid.” Trump Jr.’s tweet went viral.

Only a little more than 4 hours later, the New York Post reported that Ohio Gov. John Kasich is plotting his third run for president.

The New York Post tweeted:

Kasich, who’s term in Ohio ends in 2018, has kept a skeletal campaign staff from last year’s race and they’re helping him decide whether he should pursue a primary run as a Republican or as an Independent in the general election in 2020, the magazine said.

He denied he’s “plotting” a run, saying “that’s just not where my head is right now” during an interview Sunday on “Fox News Sunday.”

But he told the magazine the Republican Party needs to update its platform.

“I think we need to be pro-environment,” he told New York for this week’s edition. “I think we need to completely redo education. … Look, I loved Ronald Reagan. I met Ronald Reagan. But Reagan was then. Now we gotta move on.”

A persistent critic of the president’s coarse tone, Kasich told the publication that Trump’s election and the failure of Republican leaders to publicly condemn his actions is a “momentary lapse of reason.”

He said he would represent a different viewpoint, insisting he wants to restore “basic principles of caring, of love, of compassion, of connectedness.”

“There has to be a fundamental change, in my opinion, with all of us. I’m willing to be part of that. I want my voice to be out there. I want it very, very much,” he said.

But criticizing the commander in chief is one thing, launching a Republican challenge to a sitting president is another.

Donald Trump Jr., had a simple, but perfect reply that pretty much sums up how most Republicans feel when they think of Governor John Kasich running for President again…LOL!

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Republican, lashed out at Kasich, saying “His behavior if not that of a regular Republican.”

He’s also been criticized in his home state for being a RINO — Republican in Name Only — after he supported expanding Medicaid, a move that put him at odds with GOP hardliners.


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