Kathy Griffin is a liberal pig…She is also no better than a common terrorist who uses vile photos and videos of decapitated human heads to show the world how much they hate anyone who holds a view that is opposition to theirs…It’s the new tolerant liberal way, post-Barack and Hillary…

The outspoken comedian posed for a photo shoot with controversial photographer Tyler Shields in which she is holding a bloodied mask of President Trump.

***WARNING***Photo is graphic and could be confused with an act of terror by an ISIS terrorist:

TMZ Photo

Here’s the gruesome ISIS inspired video that Griffin posted to Twitter:


TMZ published the gory photo from Griffin’s photo session with the famed Shields, known for his shocking pictures. –FOX

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It didn’t take long for the son and father of 5 of President Donald J. Trump’s grandchildren to react to the ISIS-like photo liberals like “comedian” Kathy Griffin think is funny…

Donald Trump Jr. is blasting Kathy Griffin, and all liberals, for her photo op with a bloodied mask of President Trump … but admits he’s not all that shocked.

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Don Jr. called the gory Tyler Shields shot of Kathy … “Disgusting but not surprising. This is the left today. They consider this acceptable.”

He also said, “Imagine a conservative did this to Obama as POTUS?” –TMZ

Donald Trump Jr. isn’t immune from the hateful, and intolerant left. Only one week before the election, liberal rag magazine Esquire published a story using this bloodied a photo of Donald Trump Jr., a father of five young children simply because he is the son of a man who dared to shake up the system and challenge the rightful heiress to the American throne.

The Esquire article was titled:

Is Donald Trump Jr. an Actual American Psycho?

We’re just saying that people are saying it.

Can anyone even imagine the outrage if a bloodied photo of one of the Obama girls was featured in any publication in America? The double standard of these unhinged liberals is astounding…

After Kathy Griffin got HAMMERED by Twitter users for her sick and very distasteful photo op, she responded by saying she’s not apologizing, she’s simply using a bloodied, decapitated head to “mock” our President:


Twitter users who didn’t find any humor in the photo that more closely resembled an act of terror than an act of humor responded to the vile “comedian”:

It wasn’t so long ago that Griffin was seen smiling on a Trump golf course in a photo with Donald Trump’s arm around her. But that was before he became president and threatened her small-minded world.

Twitter wasn’t the only social media outlet who went after Griffin. Greg Locke, a popular pastor who posts commentary videos related to current social issues on Facebook really let Kathy Griffin have it. Watch:

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