This will make your day!

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle went on The View today to discuss Trump Jr.’s new book called ‘Triggered’. The ironic thing is that Trump Jr. triggered the panel who all lashed out at him including Meghan McCain.

He started out by saying everyone does things they regret and then dropped these two bombs:

“Joy. You have worn Blackface.” 

“Whoopi, you said that Roman Polanski…It wasn’t rape, rape when he raped a child.”

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Joy was TRIGGERED and snapped at her audience:  “This is not a MAGA rally!”

Don Jr. shot down the lie that he was the first one to name the whistleblower:

The women of ‘The View’ showed themselves to be the bitter b*tches that they are. It’s a shame they are seen by millions of Americans every day.

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