Last night, Donald Trump Jr. came out swinging at former Vice President Joe Biden. Just recently, emails were found on a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden that detailed the Biden family’s corruption during Joe’s time in the White House. Biden responded with “It’s crass to go after a rival’s children.” Junior reminds the former VP of the fake attacked he faced days before the election back in 2016.

Ever since the 2016 election, the left has relentlessly attacked Junior, but he hasn’t been shy to call out the left on social media, as previously reported by 100%FedUp.


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CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who is also the brother of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, was caught on video in a not so flattering light.

The judgmental, far-left CNN anchor, who despises Trump and frequently criticizes him for his unpresidential behavior, got caught up in an incredible confrontation with a Trump supporter on video—and within minutes of its release, it went viral.

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In the video, Cuomo can be seen confronting a man who allegedly called him, “Fredo,” the “weak brother” from “The Godfather” movie. After Cuomo identified himself as an anchor on CNN, he explained why he was offended by the term, saying, “they use it as an Italian aspersion.” Cuomo asked the men in the video, “Are any of you Italian?” he asked. “It’s a f*cking insult to your people. It’s an insult to your f*cking people!”

Cuomo then goes on to compare the word “Fredo” to the “N-word.”

CNN spokesperson said Monday night that the network backed Cuomo.
“Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur in an orchestrated set up,” the spokesperson said. “We completely support him.”

President Trump called Cuomo an, “out of control animal,” saying that no one should defend his behavior.

Conservative Trump supporter, Antoine Tucker had a few choice words for CNN’s Chris Cuomo and his comparison of “Fredo,” the younger son in the Godfather movie, to the “N-word.”

The best tweet of all came from Donald Trump Jr., who posted a compilation of CNN guests calling others, including Donald Trump Jr., “Fredo.”

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