Donald Trump Jr. took to Instagram to explain that he just finished his dinner prepared by his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, which included “a lot of Goya products.”

Don Trump Jr. explained that when he was finished with dinner, he went to check his Twitter account and discovered that he “seemed to be locked out of his account.” Trump Jr. explained that in light of all of the hacks on “blue checked Twitter accounts” yesterday, that he wanted to get out ahead of any possible fake tweets from his account. “If his account puts something up that’s “out of the left-field,” that” it wasn’t me.” He explained that even if he had proof that something crazy tweeted from his account didn’t come from him, that he would not be given the benefit of the doubt by the Trump-hating media.

The eldest Trump child explained how he’s constantly fighting back against the propaganda media and big tech giants. Don Jr. recalled a story about a Daily Beast writer who attempted to publish fake news about him being involved with Jeffrey Epstein, and how it wasn’t until he threatened him with a lawsuit and actually provided him with proof  that he finally backed off the unfounded story with no credible witnesses. Trump Jr. explained how it’s not unusual for his father and his family, other conservatives, and Christians to be under constant attack by the leftist media and the social media giants.


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