NBC News is fanboying for China in a big way with their latest statement buying into the lie that China has ZERO new cases of deaths from coronavirus.

Just because China says they have no new cases of coronavirus, we’re supposed to believe them?

Sure, this is the same China that covered up the coronavirus when they could have stopped the spread by telling the world?

Donald Trump Jr. called NBC out for reporting fake news from China:

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Donald Trump Jr. also tweeted out a report on how the American media has weaponized the coronavirus against President Trump:

Our media hates our president so much that they are shilling for China. A new low!

Does wearing a mask or not give a clue to the truth? Is the virus under control…or not?

Donald Trump Jr. isn’t letting the media get by with their lies.

Kudos to him for being such a great fighter in the war against our fake news media!

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