Donald Trump Jr. posted a great response on Facebook to Nancy Pelosi ripping up his father’s speech at the SOTU.

The photo below is of Pelosi ripping up the speech with pictures of all of the wonderful people President Trump introduced to America last night. She was disrespecting the people that President Trump chose to honor.

Here’s what Donald Trump jr. said:

Nancy Pelosi ripped up my father’s speech last night.

In that speech were stories of American Heroes and American Dreams. Sacrifice and honor. Men and women who gave everything for this country. These are their faces:

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He continued”

Pelosi ripped up their stories. But guess what?

We will rip up her Impeachment Articles today.

After that, let’s all tear up the Democrat’s chances in 2020.

He couldn’t have said it better!

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President Trump has put up with so much from Nancy Pelosi, and tonight was no different.

She omitted a key part of the traditional introduction of the president for the SOTU speech.

Typically, she’s supposed to say:

“I have the high privilege and distinct honor of presenting to you the president of the United States.”

Instead, she said simply, “Members of Congress, the president of the United States.”

Pelosi was rude during the speech by President Trump, but what she did immediately after the speech was stunning.

She ripped up Trump’s speech like a full-blown psychopath:

Standing just inches behind President Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi rips up a copy of his State of the Union address as soon as he is done delivering the speech.

A tantrum from Pelosi is to be expected but she really went way too far this time. She was rude and childish.

Pelosi spent the entire speech behind the president smirking and chewing her mouth. She was also doing a little talking to herself.

Mark Levin said it best:

She refused to stand for some key points made by President Trump and sat through the emotional moment when Rush Limbaugh received his medal of Freedom. Political hack, indeed!

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