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Donald Trump Picks Up Big Endorsement As Iowa Caucuses Approaches

By Graham | Jan 12, 2024

President Trump picked up another endorsement today from Senator Mike Lee from Utah.

Sen. Lee hasn’t always supported President Trump, but he recognizes the need to support President Trump or risk another four years of Biden.

See the conversation here:


Chris Christie believes President Trump will win the primary if he wins New Hampshire.

Read more on that from the Hill:

Christie, speaking at a town hall event in the Granite State, added that the primary in South Carolina — the home stage of rival candidate Nikki Haley — in February will not be enough to stop Trump if he gets a victory in New Hampshire.

“If he wins here, don’t expect South Carolina to save us; it’s not going to happen,” the former New Jersey governor told the crowd Tuesday. “So you all are the ones who are going to make the call here.”

Polling has recently shown a closer race for the state, which will host the first-in-the-nation primary on Jan. 23. Trump is still in the lead, but Haley has appeared to be gaining on him in recent weeks.

Trump currently leads with 41.5 percent support in The Hill/Decision Desk HQ’s polling average of the state. Haley, the former South Carolina governor, places second with just more than 30 percent, followed by Christie with 11.5 percent.

Christie has received some pressure to drop out of the race from Republicans arguing he does not have a path to the nomination and is only dividing the non-Trump vote, hurting candidates with a better chance at the nomination, like Haley.

But he has largely rejected those calls, saying those calling on him to drop out are “crazy” to think he would do so.

The Washington Post shares more on the upcoming primary:

Suffolk’s poll considered this question. David Paleologos, the poll’s director, posted the top-line results on social media: Trump at 54 percent, Haley at 20, DeSantis at 13 and Christie at 2. But he also posted the results after reallocating Christie’s support — all of which goes to Haley.

That doesn’t really matter much here, since the former New Jersey governor had only 2 percent in the first place. That is good news for Trump, who has twice before run campaigns for the Iowa caucuses and twice before won the state’s presidential electors. He has a big lead and an established team, strong indicators that he will win the caucuses and most of its delegates.

I don’t believe the primaries are going to be close at all.


President Trump has the majority support from Republicans right now.

When it comes down to it, the people are going to vote for the person they believe will win the Republicans the presidency.



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