In a new statement from Donald Trump, he vowed to correct our nation’s public school systems that have been “taken over by the radical left maniacs.”

Every day, more stories are coming out about woke educators who indoctrinate their students into their leftist agenda, pushing gender ideologies onto children and cutting the parents out of their students’ lives.

In his new video, Trump promised to “save American education” and “restore power to American parents.”

“First, we will cut funding for any school or program pushing critical race theory, gender ideology, or other inappropriate racial, sexual, or political content onto our children,” Trump said.

“Next I will direct the Department of Justice and Education to open civil rights investigations into any school district that has engaged in race-based discrimination. That includes discrimination against Asian Americans.”

“The Marxism being preached in our schools is also totally hostile to Judeo-Christian teachings, and in many ways, it’s resembling an established new religion,” he added. “For this reason, my administration will aggressively pursue potential violations of the Establishment Clause, and the Free Exercise Clause of the Constitution.”

Trump continued, vowing that he will immediately begin to “find and remove the radical zealots and Marxists who have infiltrated the Federal Department of Education.”

“Joe Biden has given these lunatics unchecked power. I will have them fired and escorted from the building, and I will tell Congress that any appropriations bill I sign must reaffirm the president’s ability to remove defiant employees from the job. It’s all about our children.”

He assured his supporters that he and his administration will work to “create a new credentialing body” that will “certify teachers who embrace patriotic values… and understand that their job is not to indoctrinate children, but very simply to educate them.”

Trump also addressed the issue of transgenderism in sports, saying that his administration will “keep men out of women’s sports.”

Finally, he said that if school districts make four reforms in education, they will receive “funding preferences” and “favorable treatment.”

“I will implement massive funding preferences and favorable treatment for all states and school districts that make the following historic reforms in education:

One, abolish teacher tenure for grades K-12, so we can remove bad teachers and adopt merit pay to reward good teachers – we want great teachers in our schools.”

Two, drastically cut the bloated number of school administrators including the costly, divisive, and unnecessary Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion bureaucracy.

Three, adopt a ‘parental bill of rights’ that includes complete curriculum transparency and a form of universal school choice.

Four, implement the direct election of school principles by the parents. It’s all about the parents for their children.”

“When I’m president we will put parents back in charge and give them the final say. We will get back to teaching reading, writing, and math. And we will give our kids the high-quality pro-American education they deserve.”

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