Trump spoke to his supporters at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio, on Saturday. As one would expect from Trump, he’s not about to sit back and allow Bernie Sanders supporters and Black Lives Matter terrorists hijack his rallies. After addresseding the violent protesters in Chicago, he reinacted Bernie Sanders cowardly reaction when two female Black Lives Matter terrorists took over the mic while at the start of his rally in Seattle.  He called Bernie Sanders a “communist” and identified his supporters as “troublemakers.” Watch here:

Watch here to see how Bernie Sanders reacted to the aggressive and disrespectful, thuggish behavior of two female representatives from the Black Lives Matter terror group. What is even more stunning is how the man who wants to be the leader of the free world stands in a corner like a dutiful Leftist allowing these two women to completely hijack a rally his people orgnaized. If Bernie can’t control two unarmed, female domestic terrorists, how could anyone expect he could defend America against one of our enemies? This video is so embarrassing, it should be played over and over again as a reminder of the pacifist, communist who wants to be America’s next President:

Not everyone at the Bernie Sanders rally was down with the hateful, divisive Black Lives Matter terror representative’s message;

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