Donna Brazile’s fearless and explosive account of Hillary Clinton’s brazen corruption and tawdry deceits is rocking the political world. Brazile is telling interviewers that Clinton’s 2016 campaign was “sterile” and a “cult,” and mocking it as sexless and joyless…She’s obviously pulling out all the stops to bring any comeback Hillary had planned to a screeching halt. It’s hard to believe Clinton would mount a comeback but she truly believes she’s a victim of the electoral college. She’s made many appearances where she nods her head when her adoring supporters claim that she really won the election. She recently was awarded the Democrat Woman of the Year by all the sobbing women who consider her their political guru…even though the live feed had to be shut down because of the flood of negative comments. Pretty sickening stuff but she ate up the praise from her political groupies. Let’s face it, politicians like Hillary live in the political bubble of these adoring fans so it makes perfect sense that she would be delusional enough to seek a 2020 comeback…But then there’s Donna Brazile who came on the scene to burst that bubble for Clinton…

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post writes:

She writes that she considered trying to replace Clinton as the nominee over health concerns after the candidate collapsed at the 9/11 anniversary ceremony, a fact that demolishes the myth that suspicions about Clinton’s condition were the sole province of conservative partisans.

 To say the Clinton camp is furious at what they regard as betrayal doesn’t do justice to their outrage. They are attacking Brazile personally, accusing her of telling outright lies just to sell books.

Which is mighty rich when you consider the history of the Clintons.

Still, you can’t blame their distress because the stakes are huge. If it sticks, Brazile’s searing indictment of Hillary’s persona, ethics and political skills could prove fatal to her hopes for a 2020 comeback.

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In fact, I believe that is the ultimate point of the book: to clear the Democratic decks for desperately needed new leadership and messages.

It’s easier said than done because Clinton’s comeback plan is not as crazy as it sounds. Until a new challenger comes along to knock her off the party pedestal, she remains the default Democrat.


She cements her position by playing the role of entitled victim and winner of the 2016 popular vote.

In her own book and interviews, she spies a vast conspiracy against her, from Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to James Comey to misogynists and racists and deplorables everywhere.

Even Barack Obama, whose Justice Department saw no evil when it came to Clinton’s reprehensible self-dealing involving Bill Clinton’s speaking fees and donations to the Clinton Foundation,
is nonetheless the target of ­Hillary’s ire.


Yet Clinton is also looking forward, having started a new slush fund that could easily become a campaign super PAC. It’s called Onward Together, and she cited it in a volley of tweets where she claimed credit for the Democrats’ wins in the New Jersey and ­Virginia governors races.

“Last night was a great reminder of what’s possible when we come together and fight for what we believe in,” she tweeted Wednesday. “So I wanted to take a few minutes to celebrate the extraordinary successes of a few groups I — and Onward Together — proudly fight alongside.”

Like it or not, that’s her story and she’s sticking to it until a challenger appears with a better one.

Which is why Brazile’s account is so devastating. Beyond laying bare how Clinton secretly took control of the DNC to ward off Bernie Sanders’ challenge and other foul plays, Brazile’s book is at heart a cry for somebody different in 2020.

As such, Brazile, a well-liked party veteran, has dared to stand up to the Clinton machine and tell Bill and Hillary their time has passed.


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