Hillary gave screeching, man-hating, divisive speech in New Hampshire today.  While the media will certainly give it rave reviews…because, why not? With only 2 weeks remaining before voters head to the polls, the media has been out in full-force manipulating polls, hiding the truth about Trump’s massive crowds vs. Hillary’s tiny crowds of probably paid supporters and telling viewers Trump has no chance of winning. These are all Leftist tactics being used to demoralize Trump supporters. 
I watched Hillary’s speech on a live Facebook feed and was actually stunned by the number of anti-Hillary viewers. 90% of the comments were against Hillary compared to about 10% (maybe even less) who were making favorable comments for Hillary. Facebook users were given the opportunity to comment throughout Hillary’s speech. I took several screen shots to show how real voting (non-media manipulated) Americans feel about Crooked Hillary. Users were also given the opportunity to choose an emoji to show how they felt about Hillary’s comments during the speech. The majority of emoji’s you see near the picture of Hillary are angry faces.
Near the end of Hillary’s speech today, she mentioned the candidate who has the most enthusiastic voters will win the election. If that’s true Hillary, you may as well pack it up and head back home to your rapist husband, because based on the reactions from RANDOM viewers on Facebook, they don’t want you anywhere near our White House Crooked Hillary:

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This Facebook user’s comment about “Donald Duck” is in reference to new video that was just released today by Project Veritas, showing direct collision with Hillary Clinton and underground Dem group who admits to committing massive voter fraud:

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While you’re at it Hillary, you may want to look into an assisted living arrangement. We’re pretty sure neither one of you are in any shape to be without constant medical supervision…

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