‘I Don’t Think You Have a Standard’ – Tim Carney to New York Times reporter on different standards for different presidents

We have a huge scandal at the FBI but these so-called journalists decide to discuss this? The entire video below is a pitiful display of partisan hackery we’ve come to expect from MSNBC. This is why the American people are so FED UP with the main stream media…Perhaps MSNBC should practice what they preach and start telling the truth. You have to ask yourself how these people stay employed when they can’t even tell the truth about either POTUS. The funny thing to watch in the video is just how serious they are when discussing the topic of lying. It really is the definition of irony…

Washington Examiner columnist Tim Carney called out a NYT reporter on “Morning Joe” Friday over the latter’s report that President Barack Obama told just 18 distinct lies during his two terms in office.


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Both of these reporters and the entire panel are absolutely bonkers for even having this discussion! This is a perfect example of just how off kilter these so-called “journalists” are. Do they not have anything else to report???

The New York Times juxtaposed President Donald Trump with Obama on lies told in office in a report Thursday, with the newspaper claiming Obama told 18 distinct falsehoods during his entire presidency compared to Trump’s 103 in less than a year in office.

The Free Beacon reported that Obama, according to fact-checker PolitiFact, had made 98 separate “mostly false,” “false,” and “pants on fire” statements in his administration, with the Times leaving many of them out of its analysis.

Carney wrote a piece for the Examiner in which he stated Trump was “far more detached from the truth” than most politicians, but he hit the newspaper for omitting so many of Obama’s lies from the piece, such as claiming during a State of the Union address that his administration had eliminated lobbyists from policy-making jobs.

Carney said it didn’t seem to be a proper use of “data journalism” to say one would count up the lies when it left out so many of Obama’s.


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