Two days ago, Iraq and Afghanistan veteran Johnny (Joey) Jones took to Twitter to applaud the decisions by President Trump to drop a MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan and to shine a light on the stark differences between Trump’s desire to keep his troops safe compared to former President Obama, who made military decisions based on optics.

War veteran Johnny “Joey” Jones praised President Trump for dropping the “mother of all bombs” on ISIS, saying the last administration failed to take appropriate action.

Jones, who lost both his legs in an IED explosion, said he might still have his legs if the Obama administration wasn’t concerned with public relations backlashes.

He said he felt “expendable” because he lost his legs clearing a empty town on-the-ground, because the White House did not want to be seen in the press as dropping bombs on villages.

Jones said Trump instead gave his generals the tools to make the decision best for their troops. –FOX News

Here’s Jones’ tweet that went viral:

War-hawk, anti-Trump John McCain’s daughter Megan took to Twitter to invite Johnny “Joey” Jones to appear on Fox show “Outnumbered” where she is a co-host. He kindly accepted her invitation:

Others on Twitter took the time to let him know how much they appreciate his service and his sacrifice:

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