THIS AD SHOULD BE FILED UNDER “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING”…Maybe we’re not seeing it so we’re asking our readers to weigh in on the ad that Dove put out. Many are calling it racist but others are saying it’s no big deal. What say you?

The Dove brand admitted that it had “missed the mark” the advertisement that made it the latest target of consumer rage.

But many angry and befuddled Dove lovers spent the weekend wondering what mark Dove was trying to hit in the first place.

The ad was a static compilation of four photos:

The first frame shows a dark-skinned woman in what appears to be a bathroom, a bottle of Dove body wash in the lower right-hand corner of the picture.

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In subsequent frames, the woman reaches down and lifts up her shirt (and apparently the rest of her skin/costume) to reveal a smiling white woman.


Offended Dove users erupted, and the company quickly apologized on social media.

But the company’s two-sentence Twitter note and a slightly longer message on Facebook left it unclear what exactly the ad was attempting to convey.

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