Dr. Deborah Birx went from being a hero of Trump-bashers to a zero today when she went after the fake news media during interviews on CNN and Fox News. She’s fed up with the news media attacking President Trump over and over for everything he says or even implies. The fake news media even twisted Trump’s words to mean that he thinks people should be injected with Lysol. Nancy Pelosi repeated the fake news during her press conference last week.

Dr. Birx appeared on several news shows this weekend to set the record straight and to show support for the president. Andrea Mitchell and others questioned the credibility of Dr. Birx after she showed her support and understanding of what President Trump says and what he does.

Jesse Watters asked Dr. Birx if the media has been fair to President Trump during ‘Watters World’:

She replied by basically calling out the fake news media that is  “very slicey and dicey about how they put sentences together in order to get headlines.”

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Dr. Birx was on CNN and told Jake Tapper:

“It bothers me that this is still in the news cycle,” Dr. Birx says of the president’s Thursday remarks. She says the importance of the study got lost because the focus was on what Trump said. “I think I’ve made it clear that this was a musing as you describe.”

Dr. Birx was also on ‘Meet the Press’ where she defended the president:

“Sunlight may be able to kill the virus.”

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