In early June, Tucker Carlson lambasted Dr. Fauci for his role in funding the Gain-of-Function research at the Wuhan lab that led to the coronavirus pandemic that’s killed millions.

During an interview on CNN, Dr. Fauci laughed at the idea that China may have had a motive to hide the lab leak and that it may have indeed been intentional.

Miranda Divine, a columnist for the New York Post said Dr. Fauci knew from day one that reputable scientists were saying the virus was created in a lab, ”This is Frankenstein stuff and should be stopped immediately,” she told Carlson.


Yesterday, Dr. Deceit met with Neil Cavuto, one of Fox News’ most leftist hosts, where he attempted to convince Americans that the support the NIH gave to the Gain-of-Function research in Wuhan.

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Former Trump White House Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany outlines why Dr. Fauci is in a lose-lose situation over using US taxpayer dollars to fund the virus that killed millions around the world. She also explains how Dr. Fauci’s NIH” actually reversed a moratorium on the Gain-of-Function research in 2019.”

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