Dr. David Drew Pinsky aka Dr. Drew called out the media for their fearmongering on the coronavirus last week during a CBS interview. He said the media is entirely responsible for causing the American people to panic. He noted that this fearmongering by the media is hurting our economy and the American people:

“A bad flu season is 80,000 dead, we’ve got about 18,000 dead from influenza this year, we have a hundred from corona. Which should you be worried about, influenza or Corona? A hundred versus 18,000? It’s not a trick question. And look, everything that’s going on with the New York cleaning the subways and everyone using Clorox wipes and get your flu shot, which should be the other message, that’s good. That’s a good thing, so I have no problem with the behaviors.”

“What I have a problem with is the press…”


It’s true that this plays right into the media’s hands. The politicians and their lapdog media want this to be bad enough to bring down President Trump.

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Dr. Drew was also on Daily Blast and told the press to “SHUT UP!”


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MSNBC with Eddie Glaude and Nicolle Wallace:


Nancy Pelosi just told an audience at Northeastern University:

Then there are responsible people like Tammy Bruce who tweet out facts:

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