While he would like for every last person, living or dead to receive the covid vaccine, Dr. Gain-of Function-Fauci proves once again that even he doesn’t put much faith in their efficacy.

The unpopular doctor is still urging people that have already risked their lives to receive the EUA (emergency use authorized) Covid vax, to continue to mask up, further convincing those refusing the jab to stay the course. When asked on Meet the Press, if he himself would be wearing a mask in an area with a low vaccination rate, Dr. Fraudci avoids giving a simple “yes” or “no” answer instead saying, “I think there would be a good reason to do that”. Watch:

Some Twitter users aren’t having it:

Masks are theater. They always were. If one wears a mask AFTER they’re vaccinated they are just robots and sheep, they are parrots and fools.

His Napoleon issue & mask control are annoying. What’s the purpose of vaccinating against anything if masking is still suggested? I’d rather risk getting sick!

Dr. Fauci doesn’t help his case of vaccinating the planet when he has so little confidence in the vax himself. Early in the pandemic, he stated that masks were useless in safeguarding against Covid 19. He then flip-flopped on that position several times before urging the use of multiple masks.

His lack of faith repels those who have legitimate concerns with the dangerous side effects, of the shot.

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